SUB-REGIONSouthern Africa SIZE17,364 kmĀ² BIRDS AND BIRDING SPECIESDiversityMostly Afrotropical avifaunaApproximately 490 recorded species Birds occurring in only two territories of the ABC region but not near-endemic (1/2)Knysna TuracoDrakensberg PriniaBush BlackcapChorister Robin-ChatForest Canary Proposed splits not yet accepted by IOCSouthern Red-winged Francolin (1/2)Barrow’s BustardGrey-breasted Green PigeonNgami OwletSouthern Olive WoodpeckerFour-colored BushshrikeSouthern Crested Flycatcher (1/2)African Reed WarblerRed-backed MannikinSpectacled Quailfinch […]