ABC Country Checklists

The African Bird Club (ABC) is developing authoritative country checklists of bird species as a resource for the use of ornithologists, birders and conservationists in the ABC region. These checklists are features of ABC’s Birds of Africa app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

The ABC country checklists complement and can be used in conjunction with the Country Accounts on this website. They are not the official country lists but all the species on them have been been recorded in the country concerned and documented in scientific and peer-reviewed publications.

Underpinning these checklists is a database containing tens of thousands of records of all bird species currently known from the ABC region and their occurrence within its constituent countries and territories. These records have been assembled from a number of referenced works and validated with country recorders.

We will continue to develop and improve these checklists and will incorporate new published records as they become available.

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