Past Projects

Since our Conservation Fund was launched in 1996, the African Bird Club (ABC) has made grants totalling over £600,000 to support more than 300 projects in 50 countries and territories of the ABC region.
Huge thanks go to all our generous donors, corporate sponsors and members, past and present, whose support has made this remarkable achievement possible.

This page summarises past projects that have been supported by ABC, including the project title, country, grantee/project lead, and value of each award.
Click on the project titles in bold type to download the final project reports, which show what our impact has been.
Click here to view summaries of the latest projects that we are supporting.

Grantee/Project LeadCountryProject TitleAward
Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds South AfricaTraining and upskilling of African Penguin and seabird rangers £2,666
Lily-Arison René de Roland & Yverlin Pruvot MadagascarSurvey of least known species, Dusky Tetraka, at northern known key sites £3,000
Jonah Gula ZambiaFirst survey of waterbird nesting colonies on the Barotse floodplain £2,500
Nico Arcilla CameroonInvestigating the impacts and implications of hunting and wildlife trade on the conservation status of forest hornbills £3,000
Sopani Sichinga MalawiPreliminary assessment of Southern Ground Hornbills in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve £2,335
Cornelius Mulili Kyalo KenyaAvifaunal survey of the little-known, fragmented Nzaui forest ecosystem £3,000
Ekoun Michaël Konan Côte d’IvoirePreliminary inventory of the avifauna of Mont Korhogo Classified Forest £2,849
Gerald Eyamtenga Osuka KenyaInfluence of overhead electrical infrastructure on the mortality risk of raptors, with an emphasis on vultures £2,949
Fundação Kissama AngolaProtection of Afromontane forest at Mount Moco £3,170
 Amadou Bahleman BeninConservation des Vautours Charognards dans les villes du nord £3,000
 Thomas Kanyempura RwandaPopulation size, distribution and community’s perceptions about vultures £2,990
 Taiwo AdamsSão Tomé and PríncipeBreeding ecology of Principe Thrush £5,000
 PAOC15 ZimbabweSponsorship £9,493
 Camille Tchankpan BeninÉtude de la pression de chasse en saison pluvieuse sur les oiseaux d’eaux des zones humides du sud £3,000
Laure Rurangwa RwandaCompilation of traditional ornithological knowledge for long-term conservation of birds £3,000
Renel Bemaro MadagascarConservation of Helmet Vanga in Masoala National Park £2,000
Kumbirai Karen Chiro ZimbabwePopulation, distribution and viability of Black Storks in Kwekwe £3,000
Peter NjeruKenyaConservation of Hinde’s Babbler in Mutitu and Muumoni hill forests£3,000
Daniella ManewoungCameroonPopulation status of large African hornbills and initiation of community-based conservation awareness in Douala-Edéa National Park£3,000
Claude Jacquot RalazampirenenaMadagascarCensus and monitoring of Malagasy Pond Herons in Manombo Special Reserve£2,768
Ronald ChirimutaZimbabweTraining youth club members in identifying and monitoring birds of Mavhuradonha Wilderness Area£2,998
Michael MillsAngolaMapping Angolan bird distributions£3,000
Michael Andrew JakaTanzaniaUnderstanding socio-economic dimensions of threats to endemic lovebirds£2,970
Eunice KamauKenyaAbundance, diversity, and threats facing conservation of diurnal raptors in Lewa-Borana landscape and Ngare Ndare forest£3,000
Eric Djomo NanaCameroonUnderstanding spatio-temporal distribution of Mount Cameroon Francolin to address conservation concerns about this species£2,600
Waldi GurumseNigeriaAvian exploratory survey of lowland forest patches at Anwase in Kwande area of Benue State£2,820
Sascha DuekerZambiaUnravelling phylobiogeography of Zambezi River basin to inform conservation actions for Lilian’s and Black-cheeked Lovebirds£4,963
Gareth TateSouth AfricaConservation of Black Harriers through protection of breeding sites and reduced risk of wind farm mortalities£1,950
Callixte GataliRwandaWaterbird counts£2,500
Julia LloydUgandaReplicating village bird clubs around Kibale National Park£2,880
Martin MwangiKenyaExamining effectiveness of nest boxes for Sokoke Scops Owl£2,982
Jombela SalmahUgandaKaramoja Apalis survey£2,500
Peter NjorogeKenyaCombating illegal poisoning of waterbirds in Mwea irrigation scheme£2,990
Charlotte BeauvoisinUgandaDigital marketing training for bird guides in Fort Portal and Kibale Conservation Area£853
Papanie Sesay & Andrea HaffnerSierra LeoneCompilation of guide to common birds in local languages£2,622
Bárbara FreitasSão Tomé and PríncipeAcoustic monitoring of the Scops owl and other threatened species on Príncipe Island£4,980
Cloé PourchierNigerAddressing knowledge gaps on Rüppell’s Vulture and Egyptian Vulture populations in Koutous massif£2,991
Denis NyugahCameroonStatus of Bannerman’s Turaco on Mount Mbam£2,875
Shadia Ibrahim KilwanilaTanzaniaAssessing illegal bird bushmeat trade and methods used in capturing birds around Mkungunero-Swagaswaga ecosystem£2,982
Papanie Bai-Sesay & Momoh SesaySierra LeonePromoting bird clubs and bird conservation£2,834
Shingirai SakarombeZimbabweConservation of Blue Swallows in Nyanga IBA£2,991
Aghah Valery BindaCameroonAvifauna assessment and community-based conservation for protection and recovery of proposed Ebo National Park£2,941
Jonathan OnongoUgandaFox’s Weaver survey£2,976
Francis GuetseCameroonDistribution and density of Grey Parrots in buffer zone of Lobeke National Park£3,000
Emmanuel MgimwaTanzaniaTraining on IBA monitoring£3,000
Clara CassellLiberiaPresence of KBA trigger species in Grand Kru forests£2,992
Abigail KarimanziraZimbabweStatus, distribution and habitat viability of Lilian’s Lovebird in Mana Pools National Park£2,976
Sama ZefaniaMadagascarDistribution, population size and physico-chemical characters of water habitat of Sakalava Rail£2,996
Mathias D’haenMalawiStatus of Spotted Ground Thrush on Mount Mulanje£4,234
Vikash TatayahMauritiusA multi-species approach to confirm distribution of threatened Mauritian birds in the Bambou Mountains in the aftermath of Covid-19 through AudioMoth£3,000
Olubunmi CokerBeninTraining workshop on bird atlasing and establishing bird clubs£2,970
Kyle LloydSouth AfricaWhite-winged Flufftail conservation£3,000
Antonio Ngovene JuniorMozambiqueBird diversity on Mount Gorongosa£3,000
Keddy MoleofiBotswanaImproving data quality of bird population monitoring programme£3,000
Nature KenyaKenyaTackling illegal killing of vultures in Mara region£350
Yodiney dos Santos & Frazer SinclairSão Tomé and PríncipeBuilding capacity for seabird research on Príncipe£1,870
Guilain TsetaghoCameroonInvestigating breeding success of Grey-necked Rockfowl and initiating community-based conservation awareness in proposed Ebo National Park£3,000
Josiah IbrahimNigeriaHausa language as a tool for conservation education£2,742
Nature KenyaKenyaDakatcha Woodlands land purchase£20,000
Kasanka TrustZambiaConservation management of buffer zone surrounding Kasanka National Park£7,500
Renel BemaroMadagascarMadagascar Sacred Ibis survey and community engagement in Mahavavy-Kinkony complex£2,500
Abebe BayeEthiopiaReducing Bearded Vulture deaths from powerlines in Lalibela£1,281
James Mutunga JoshuaKenyaPopulation and habitat status of Turner’s Eremomela in South Nandi Forest£2,999
Frances TaylorSouth AfricaCreating community bird-monitoring and urban rehabilitation protocols for Cape Town£3,000
Eric Djomo NanaCameroonUnheralded disappearance of Bates’s Weaver from Dja Biosphere Reserve: implications for conservation£2,500
Russom Teklay TeweldeEritreaTraining workshop on bird monitoring techniques£2,000
Chris LamsdellGambiaFormation of bird ringing scheme£2,963
Chaona PhiriZambiaAssessment of factors influencing distribution and abundance of Black-cheeked Lovebird within its native range£2,460
Mauritz de BruinSouth AfricaConserving Botha’s Lark and its threatened grassland habitat£2,000
Folaranmi BabalolaNigeriaCreating awareness and developing skills for bird conservation in Kwara State secondary schools£2,950
Kari Jackson BongndaCameroonConservation challenges of Banded Wattle-eye and Bannerman’s Turaco in unprotected Njinsing-Tabenken forest£2,272
Wanyoike WamitiKenyaPopulation status and factors affecting conservation and survival of Grey Crowned Crane at Lake Ol’ Bolossat£2,955
Rogers MakauKenyaGrey Crowned Crane survey in Lake Victoria basin£2,942
Gladys Kung’uKenyaAssessing occurrence and status of Hinde’s Babbler between Thika and Nairobi£1,823
Tsigereda DessalegnEthiopiaHooded Vulture survey in Addis Ababa and its environs£3,000
Nature TanzaniaTanzaniaBird walks and waterbird counts to raise awareness in bird conservation£3,000
Jonah GulaZambiaPopulation demography and spatial ecology of Saddle-billed Storks in Greater Kafue and Liuwa ecosystems£4,793
Samuel Ng’ang’a BakariKenyaPopulation and distribution of Sharpe’s Longclaw£3,000
Jim KairuNamibiaBreeding ecology of Southern Carmine Bee-eater£2,960
Merlyn Nomusa NkomoZimbabwePopulation and habitat viability assessment for Southern Ground Hornbill in Matobo Hills and surrounding areas£3,000
Gilbert AdumGhanaSaving threatened birds in Sui River forest£3,000
Chaona PhiriZambiaVulture survey in Luano Valley£2,980
Veronica Dandzo-AdzaguduGhanaPopulation assessment and conservation of three critically endangered vulture species in Mole National Park and fringe communities£2,000
Amanda Harwood & Emma StoneMalawiVulture population assessment and density in Nyika National Park£1,985
Sopani SichingaMalawiWattled Crane survey on Nyika Plateau£2,000
Andrew BamfordMadagascarBird survey of Ambonara wetlands£1,250
Evan BuechleyDjiboutiBird observations and notable sightings£3,000
Fatima James RamzyNigeriaAspects of breeding ecology of Green-breasted Bushshrike£1,902
James Mutunga JoshuaKenyaHabitat perspective to conservation of Grey Crowned Crane in Mwea irrigation scheme and urbanised agro-ecosystem of Thika£1,999
Solomon KenyensoGhanaPopulation surveys, people’s perceptions and conservation of Hooded Vultures in Sekondi-Takoradi metropolitan area£1,792
Samuel Temidayo OsinubiUganda and South AfricaEcology and conservation of intra-African migrant birds£3,000
Gilbert MicomyizaRwandaVulture survey in Kigali£2,000
Sama Zefania & Sebastien MoehyMadagascarMonitoring of Madagascar Jacana at key sites and estimation of population size£1,998
Ciira MainaKenyaComparison of acoustic monitoring of bird species and point counts in Mount Kenya National Park£1,916
Nicolas Zuël & Jean Hugues GardenneMauritiusIdentifying and managing nest aggressors to protect Mauritius Olive White-eyes on Île aux Aigrettes£2,000
Michael MillsAngolaPrinting and distribution of 500 free copies of The Special Birds of Angola/As Aves Especiais de Angola£1,521
Basma ShetaEgyptBiodiversity and habitat use of wintering and breeding waterbirds in Lake Burullus£2,000
Francis GuetseCameroonPopulation status and distribution of White-throated Mountain Babbler in Bakossi National Park£2,000
Petro SamwelTanzaniaInvestigating illegal trade in owls’ eggs£1,222
Darcy Ogada & Paul MuriithiKenyaHabitat preferences of Abyssinian Owl on Mount Kenya£1,991
Gift Simon DemayaSouth SudanAvifauna survey of Bandingilo National Park£1,870
Mfombo Didicus TamambangCameroonReducing threats of forest fires and feather harvesting to Bannerman’s Turaco in Bamenda highlands£2,000
Papanie SesaySierra LeoneBiodiversity surveys of Lake Sonfon and its environs£2,000
Sherry McKelvie & Alfred TwinomujuniUgandaTraining and books for local bird guides£350
Mauritz de BruinSouth AfricaConserving Botha’s Lark and its threatened grassland habitat£2,000
Mohamed AmezianMoroccoEgyptian Vulture survey in Middle Atlas£2,000
Micheal KibuuleUgandaPopulation status of Hooded Vulture in major urban centres£1,000
Innocent MagunjeZimbabweReducing impacts of gill netting on waterbirds at Lake Chivero£1,914
Sama Zefania & Sebastien MoehyMadagascarPopulation size and distribution of Madagascar Jacana£1,936
Alex Tavares Gonçalves & Sara RatãoCabo VerdeBird survey and community engagement on Maio£1,896
Edwin NjugunaKenyaAvifauna survey of Mangea Hill forest£2,000
Fataï AinaBeninConservation education and awareness raising at Lake Nokoué£1,995
Dominic KimaniKenyaMovements of Sharpe’s Longclaw in montane grasslands£1,964
Luca Borghesio, Mwangi Githiru, Lawrence Wagura & James Maina GichiaKenyaReassessment of status of Taita Thrush£1,500
Gary Allport & Mariana CarvalhoMozambiqueMovements and migration of Steppe Whimbrel in Maputo Bay with update£6,750
Emmanuel Fidelis MgimwaTanzaniaPopulation size, distribution and conservation status of Usambara Weaver in Eastern Arc Mountains£2,000
Deborah FogellMauritiusUnderstanding PBFD infection cycles in Mauritius Parakeets and impacts of translocation on infection status£2,000
Wildfowl & Wetlands TrustMadagascarMadagascar Pochard appeal£1,500
Groupement d’intérêt 
économique des guides 
du Parc National du 
SenegalBird surveys in Niokolo-Koba National Park£2,000
Roger SkeenUgandaFox’s Weaver survey£2,000
Lydia Tushabe-RugogamuUgandaStatus and distribution of Grauer’s Swamp Warbler in south-west region£2,000
Gabriel NgaleKenyaHinde’s Babbler conservation activities£2,000
Emily OtaliUgandaBirding activities in Kibale Forest primary schools£1,963
Charles Mwangi GitauKenyaEnvironmental education and awareness raising at Lake Elementaita and its environs£1,883
Victor MkongewaTanzaniaBird survey of Mount Nilo£1,500
Ana Isabel Cavaco Pinto CoelhoSão Tomé and PríncipeImplications of seed dispersal by birds for forest conservation£1,631
Eric SandeUganda & DRCNahan’s Partridge survey£3,000
Lawrence WaguraKenyaConnecting forest fragments to save Taita Hills endemic birds£1,903
Roger ParryZimbabweMapping five vulture species’ nesting sites on protected land in north-west region£2,000
Ebenezer Olubunmi CokerNigeriaAbundance, distribution and genetic association of Anambra Waxbill in Niger Delta region£1,775
Cosima TegetmeyerSenegalMonitoring of Aquatic Warbler habitats in Ndiaël basin/Surveillance des habitats du Phragmite Aquatique dans le bassin Ndiaël£2,960
Marwa Taha & Tom JennerSudanUse of sewage ponds by birds in Khartoum State and their influence on bird distribution in the region£1,575
Helena Reis BatalhaCabo VerdeConservation, ecology and genetics of Cape Verde Warbler (second field season)£3,000
Andrew BladonEthiopiaClimatic influences on ranges of Stresemann’s Bushcrow and White-tailed Swallow£2,000
Yvonne Nso TakangeyongCameroonGuide to birds of Takamanda National Park£1,500
Gladys Kung’uKenyaPopulation status and distribution of Maccoa Duck in Rift Valley and central wetlands£1,804
Sylviane VolampenoMadagascarMadagascar Sacred Ibis survey in Sahamalaza-Iles Radama National Park£1,500
Marcel Ashute EssebeCameroonMount Cameroon Francolin survey£2,000
Groupement d’intérêt 
économique des guides 
du Parc National du 
SenegalTraining workshop on bird monitoring techniques for eco-guides and rangers of Niokolo-Koba National Park/Atelier de formation des écoguides et des agents du Parc National du Niokolo-Koba en techniques de suivi des oiseaux£1,550
Mbeson Emmanuel BessongNigeriaStatus of Olive Ibis in Cross River State£2,000
Sama ZefaniaMadagascarUpdated status of Red-shouldered Vanga£1,493
Nicolas Zuël & Nik ColeMauritiusFeasibility of re-introducing Mauritius Cuckooshrike and Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher to Ferney Valley£919
Wismer Cherono BoreKenyaEffects of land cover changes on threatened birds of Mau Narok-Molo grasslands£1,600
Felix RazafindrajaoMadagascarLoza Bay waterbird survey£1,970
Nature KenyaKenyaTaita Hills land lease£25,000
Chris HewsonGambiaTracking Common Nightingales from the UK to West Africa£2,000
Amina NjokiKenyaUaso Narok Forest  Reserve avifaunal survey£1,380
Chacha WeremaTanzaniaUluguru Bushshrike survey£2,000
Zeph MigeniKenyaCommunity conservation of Anyiko wetlands£1,496
Stuart Sharp & Malcolm WilsonCongoThe birds of Tchimpounga Nature Reserve: highlights from three visits in 2012 and 2013 and results of a survey in 2014 with full reserve checklist£1,441
Edwin Gichohi NjugunaKenyaAvifaunal survey of Karima Hill forest£1,048
Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das AvesAzoresAzores Bullfinch appeal£1,000
Oluwabunmi JegedeNigeriaTraining workshop on citizen science and bird conservation£1,297
Maurice OgomaKenyaHabitat mapping and participative research for conservation of Blue Swallow in Busia grasslands£1,500
Helena Reis BatalhaCabo VerdeConservation, ecology and genetics of Cape Verde Warbler (first field season)£1,500
Alex Tavares GonçalvesCabo VerdeMonitoring Cream-colored Coursers on Maio£1,650
Esther WanguiKenyaAvifaunal survey of Dzombo hill forest£1,996
Momoh Sesay & Papanie SesaySierra Leone and GuineaEmerald Starling survey£1,500
Elliot KinseyTanzaniaResponse of bird communities to recent fires in Serengeti ecosystem£1,500
Sarah NachuhaUgandaStatus of Grey Crowned Crane in Doho wetlands£1,500
Japheth RobertsGhanaHooded Vulture survey in Accra metropolitan area£1,430
Nsajigwa KyonjolaTanzaniaTrialling forest management solutions for Long-billed Forest Warbler in Amani Nature Reserve£1,500
Arjun AmarSouth AfricaDrivers of Martial Eagle declines in Kruger National Park£1,500
Lucy MuithuiKenyaAvifaunal survey of Mount Kulal£1,835
Mohamed ZnariMoroccoBiomonitoring and conservation of Northern Bald Ibis£1,500
Eduardo Garcia-del-ReyCanary IslandsTracking Plain Swifts from Tenerife to wintering grounds in West Africa£1,500
Eleyeh AbdillahiDjiboutiSpring raptor migration across Bab el-Mandeb strait£1,347
Chima Nwaogu & Shiiuwa ManuNigeriaBreeding biology and population status of Rosy Bee-eater on middle Niger River£2,553
Rogers MakauKenyaAvifaunal survey of Mbooni hilltop forests£1,490
Lucy Kemp & Gerhard VerdoornSouth AfricaThreat of poisons to Southern Ground Hornbills and recommended conservation actions£1,500
Lawrence WaguraKenyaTeaching conservation education in Taita Hills£1,347
BirdLife South Africa & Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History SocietySouth Africa and EthiopiaWhite-winged Flufftail research work£1,194
Maurice OgomaKenyaEcological survey and status of Blue Swallow in Ruma National Park£1,488
Peter Magosvongwe & BirdLife ZimbabweZimbabweConservation of Swynnerton’s Robin in Bvumba highlands£1,500
Rob SheldonSão Tomé and PríncipeEndangered species recovery£500
Danaë Sheenan & Jenny DunnBurkina FasoTrichomonas gallinae infection in European Turtle Doves and its potential for transmission£2,000
Dylis NdibaisaUgandaBreeding status of Grey Crowned Crane in Kampala wetlands£1,500
Alex SyingiKenyaHinde’s Babbler survey£1,843
Edson MlambaKenyaAvifaunal survey of Kitobu forest£1,971
George Ndung’u MuigaiKenyaCreating community awareness of biodiversity value of Lake Ol’ Bolossat£860
Juliet KinyuaKenyaRole of mosquito-borne diseases in Lesser Flamingo die-offs£1,467
Ben Phalan & Michael GarboLiberiaLiberian Greenbul expedition£1,980
Makerere UniversityUgandaStudent projects£720
British Trust for OrnithologyGhanaOut of Africa appeal£400
Luca Borghesio, Lawrence Wagura & Mwangi GithiruKenyaTaita Apalis survey£900
Geoffroy CitegetseBurundiStatus of Shelley’s Crimsonwing£1,500
Maurice OgomaKenyaControlling waterbirds at fish farms sustainably and to minimise conflict£1,500
Frank Bapeamoni & Stijn CoolemanDRCMonitoring greenbuls as bioindicators in Yangambi Biosphere Reserve£1,500
Wildlife and Environmental Society of MalawiMalawiEnvironmental education and dissemination of bird activity book£1,496
Phil Shaw & Peter NjorogeKenyaHinde’s Babbler resurvey£940
Michael Opige & Roger SkeenUgandaKaramoja Apalis survey£540
Maurice OgomaKenyaAvifaunal survey of Lake Kenyatta ecosystem (preliminary report)
Avifaunal survey of Lake Kenyatta ecosystem (final project report and map)
Sama ZefaniaMadagascarPopulation density estimate of Red-shouldered Vanga in spiny forest habitat£991
Nickson OtienoKenyaEffects of deforestation on Sokoke Pipit£1,165
Abdi JamaSomaliaSomali Pigeon survey£2,000
Joseph Mutahi MwangiKenyaEvaluation of land use changes on birds of Tana River delta and their habitats£1,513
Royal Society for the Protection of BirdsTristan da CunhaTristan penguins appeal£1,250
Solomon KipkoechKenyaPopulation survey and threat assessment of Williams’s Lark in Dida Galgalu desert£1,090
Philista MalakiKenyaStatus of Aberdare Cisticola in Aberdare National Park£800
Ivaylo AngelovSudanEgyptian Vulture survey on Red Sea coast£1,000
Tiwonge MzumaraMalawiStatus and viability of Lilian’s Lovebird in Liwonde National Park£960
Makerere UniversityUgandaStudent internships£1,330
Charlie GardnerMadagascarImpact of habitat changes on spiny forest birds£756
Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History SocietyEthiopiaSouthern Ethiopian endemics appeal£500
BirdLife InternationalMadeiraZino’s Petrel appeal£250
Peter NjorogeKenyaRecords database to monitor common bird species£1,000
Michael Mills & Martim MeloAngolaBehaviour and vocalisations of Black-tailed Cisticola£500
Steve BoyesSouth AfricaIncidence of PBFD in Cape Parrot population£820
Haitham IbrahimEgyptBird survey at Lake Nasser£850
Alfred OwinoKenyaRanger-based oxpecker monitoring programme for protected areas£900
Dieter OschadleusSouth AfricaSouthern Masked Weaver and other passerine movements on Cape Peninsula£500
Russom Teklay TeweldeEritreaSociable Lapwing surveys£1,250
Andrew JenkinsSouth AfricaTaita Falcon resurvey£300
Darcy OgadaKenyaPromoting vulture awareness£1,000
Abdi JamaSomaliaVulture survey£1,100
Allai OrimbaKenyaYala Swamp community engagement activities£1,000
Martin OdinoKenyaYala Swamp bird survey£850
Samuel Temidayo OsinubiNigeriaYellow-breasted Boubou sound data analysis£900
AFRINGZambiaBird ringing course£500
Claudien NsabagasaniRwandaBiodiversity survey in Akanyaru wetlands£1,000
Lucy Wamuyu Muithui & Philista AdhiamboKenyaStatus of Amani Sunbird in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest£650
PAOC12South AfricaSponsorship£2,549
Donella YoungSouth AfricaCoordinated Avifaunal Roadcounts£800
Lucy Wamuyu Muithui & Geoffery MwangiKenyaAvifaunal survey of Mandera and Daua River£800
Geoff and Hilary Welch & Mahamoud Houssein WarsamaDjiboutiDjibouti Francolin survey in Mabla mountains£500
Francis KandoyaTanzaniaAnthropogenic threats to Jackson’s Widowbird in Ngorongoro Conservation Area£500
Neil TaylorBotswanaBird transects in Central Kalahari Game Reserve£650
Leonard Akwany OmondiKenyaIdentifying hotspots for birds around Lake Victoria£850
James Bray & Dave AndrewsTanzaniaImpacts of Mpingo harvesting on coastal forest birds£1,000
Michael MillsAngolaCataloguing the Lubango bird skin collection£1,000
Simon Musila & Alex SyingiKenyaAvifaunal survey of North Nandi Forest£1,000
Luca Borghesio, Muchane Muchai & Kariuki Ndang’ang’aKenyaReassessment of distribution and status of Sharpe’s Longclaw£800
Makerere UniversityUgandaStudent internship£300
Dawit SemereEritreaSocotra Cormorant census£1,000
Phil Shaw & Douglas SheilUgandaAnnual survival and breeding success of Stripe-breasted Tit in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park£642
Elias MungayaTanzaniaBird surveys in Kilwa district coastal forests£860
Ireene Madindou & Ronald MulwaKenyaStatus of Grey Parrot in Kakamega Forest and parrot trade surveys in Kenyan border towns£900
Sama ZefaniaMadagascarPromoting national public awareness in biodiversity conservation at Lake Tsimanampetsotsa National Park£848
Hichem AzafzafLibyaCensus and ringing of Lesser Crested Tern£500
Mauritian Wildlife FoundationMauritiusMauritius Olive White-eye recovery programme£750
Rufus IdrisNigeriaEffects of oil spills and gas flaring on waterbirds in Niger Delta£780
Thomas GottschalkUgandaStatus of Oberländer’s Ground Thrush in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park£900
Keddy Mooketsa & Chris BrewsterBotswanaStatus of Short-clawed Lark in south-eastern Botswana£850
Makerere UniversityUgandaSmall grants for students’ bird studies£300
Matthew Smith & Tsibara MbohoahyMadagascarSpiny forest expedition£1,000
Jeremiah KyomoTanzaniaUvidunda Mountains bird survey£1,000
Lake Victoria Sunset BirdersKenyaDunga Swamp Site Support Group training£800
Luca BorghesioTanzaniaObservations of threatened birds in East Usambara mountains£675
Lassana BagayogoMaliWaterbird counts around Niono£900
Josephine Nzilani & Geoffrey MwangiKenyaImplications of grassland quality for Jackson’s Widowbird and other birds of Mau Narok-Molo grasslands£900
Julius KimaniKenyaBird survey in Kereita Hills£750
Eric SandeUgandaNahan’s Partridge survey in Kibale and Semliki National Parks£550
Wanyoike Wamiti, Henry Ndithia & Dominic KimaniKenyaAvifaunal survey of Namanga Hills Forest Reserve£1,000
Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History SocietyEthiopiaTracking Northern Bald Ibis£270
Donella YoungSouth AfricaCoordinated avifaunal roadcounts£800
Marc RabenandrasanaMadagascarSakalava Rail survey in Besalampy wetlands£1,000
ASITYMadagascarSupport for local bird fair£215
Talatu TendeNigeriaVulture survey in Yankari Game Reserve£850
Lizanne RoxburghZambiaAssessment of Chaplin’s (Zambian) Barbet for Red Listing purposes£590
Mao AnguaSouth AfricaStatus of Bearded Vulture in KwaZulu-Natal£750
Kabelo SenyatsoBotswanaSetswana translation of beginner’s guide to birds of Botswana£1,000
Hugh DoultonComorosBird surveys and environmental awareness work on Grande Comore and Anjouan£850
Byamana Robert KizunguDRCCongo Bay Owl study£200
Merid Nega GabremichaelEthiopiaStatus and distribution of Harwood’s Spurfowl, Yellow-throated Seedeater and Ankober Serin£750
Western Cape Nature Conservation BoardSouth AfricaEradication of House Crows in Cape Town£1,000
Mauritian Wildlife FoundationMauritiusTranslocation of Mauritius Fody to Île aux Aigrettes£500
Makerere UniversityUgandaSmall grants for students’ bird studies£300
Andrew JenkinsSouth AfricaPopulation survey of Taita Falcon in Drakensberg escarpment region£750
Richard MellanbyEthiopiaStatus of Stresemann’s Bushcrow and White-tailed Swallow in Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary£850
Louis NkementehCameroonDistribution and abundance of forest birds£750
Houssein RayalehDjiboutiDjibouti Francolin survey£750
Billy Munisi & Martin JohoTanzaniaObservations of threatened birds in West Usambara Mountains£300
Clare BuckleyNamibiaPopulation densities and distribution of vulture colonies around Waterberg Plateau Park£1,000
John MusinaKenyaHinde’s Babbler survey£720
Sama ZefaniaMadagascarConservation biology of Madagascar Plover in Marambitsy Bay and production of waterbird brochure in Malagasy language£998
Nature SeychellesSeychellesTranslocation of Seychelles Warbler and Seychelles Fody to Denis Island£750
Makerere UniversityUgandaSmall grants for students’ bird studies£300
Potiphar KalibaMalawiStatus of Blue Swallow in Nyika National Park£800
Abdu KarekoonaTanzaniaSurvey of coastal bird populations in Dar-es-Salaam£750
Françoise Dowsett-Lemaire & Bob DowsettMaliOrnithological exploration of dry evergreen forests£750
Dale HanmerZimbabweAnalysis of long-term bird ringing data from Eastern Highlands£400
Makerere UniversityUgandaSmall grants for students’ bird studies£500
Richard DeanZimbabweCataloguing of bird skins in Natural History Museum, Bulawayo£500
Tadesse GoleEthiopiaSurvey of waterbirds along Baro and Gilo rivers in Gambela region£740
Simon MusilaKenyaDistribution and population size of Chapin’s Flycatcher in Kakamega Forest£750
Albertine Rift Conservation SocietyUgandaExpert workshop on species data and information sharing£1,000
Emile MulotwaDRCCongo Peacock resurvey£500
Dawit BerhaneEritreaBlack Crowned Crane study and IBA inventories£800
Nickson OtienoKenyaHabitat preferences of Abbott’s Starling and effects of logging on its population in Kikuyu Escarpment Forest£762
Uganda Bird Guides ClubUgandaPurchase of equipment for bird guides£65
Prosper CompaoréBurkina FasoSurvey of waterbirds of Sahel Burkinabé£1,000
Jaime Pérez del ValEquatorial GuineaSurvey of birds of Annobón£1,000
Geoff and Hilary Welch & Houssein RayalehDjiboutiWaterbird monitoring and birdwatcher training£750
Jérôme Mokolo IkongaCongoWaterbird surveys in Kouilou basin£1,000
Sama ZefaniaMadagascarLake Sariaka waterbird survey£750
Dianah NalwangaUgandaBirds as indicators of biodiversity change with agricultural intensification£500
Groupe d’Ornithologie du MarocMoroccoStudy and protection of Lesser Kestrel colony in Meknes£688
Kariuki Ndang’ang’aKenyaSurvey of highland grassland endemics in Mau Narok-Molo grasslands£1,067
Nigerian Conservation FoundationNigeriaPublication of activity manual for young people visiting Lekki Nature Reserve£800
Aride Island Nature ReserveSeychellesProduction of reserve guide in Creole language£400
Mark BrownSouth AfricaPurchase of bird ringing equipment for University of Natal students£390
Tadesse GoleEthiopiaConference participation funding£250
BirdLife ZimbabweZimbabweSurvey of two species of robins in Eastern Highlands£125
Ilya Maclean & Achilles ByaruhangaUganda and KenyaConservation status of papyrus endemics and taxonomic status of Papyrus Yellow Warbler£1,000
Nigerian Conservation FoundationNigeriaSurvey of Barn Swallow roost in Itu wetlands£1,000
Middlepunt Wetland TrustSouth AfricaWhite-winged Flufftail research work£500
Ronald MulwaKenyaTaita White-eye survey£420
Craig SymesSouth AfricaGrey-headed Parrot study£300
Michael Maina MachariaKenyaTesting effectiveness of nest boxes in conservation of woodland birds around Lake Naivasha£500
Projet ZICOMAMadagascarSurvey of sites to try and find Alaotra Grebe£1,115
Claire SpottiswoodeMozambiqueNamuli Massif expedition£250
Tharcisse UkizintambaraRwandaBirdLife South Africa internship£400
Christine DranzoaUgandaNahan’s Partridge surveys in Budongo, Bugoma and Mabira Forests£615
Kakamega Guides Association & Solomon MwangiKenyaConservation education programmes in primary schools adjacent to Kakamega Forest£750
Norbert CordeiroTanzaniaEffects of forest fragmentation in East Usambara Mountains: interactions between seed dispersers and trees whose seeds they disperse£259
Fabian MusilaKenyaImpacts of selective logging on Sokoke Pipit in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest£750
Edward SsebukyuUgandaPurchase of binoculars and field guides for St Agnes School, Nattyole, wildlife club£100
Ornithological Association of ZimbabweZimbabweOrnithology training courses for undergraduates£500

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