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About a quarter of the world’s bird species have been recorded across the continent of Africa and related islands, and more than one in ten of them are globally threatened.
The African Bird Club (ABC) makes grants to local people and groups in support of a wide range of projects that benefit the conservation of these birds and their habitats, which is helping to turn around their fortunes.
You can find information about ABC’s awards and major grants programmes here and how to apply for an ABC conservation or expedition award here.
We also collaborate with BirdLife and other partners on conservation efforts for the benefit of African birds and people.

ABC in addition provides a worldwide focus for African ornithology and fosters interest in African birds and their conservation by:
• producing and distributing a peer-reviewed Bulletin and a members’ e-newsletter twice a year
• providing resources online, including Country Accounts and an African bird image database
• developing birding apps and making these accessible to everyone
• sponsoring the Pan-African Ornithological Congress (PAOC)
• putting on talks by invited speakers on relevant topics
• having an active presence on social media
• exhibiting at bird fairs

We also raise awareness of conservation issues and threats in the ABC region, and throw our weight behind other organisations’ campaigns, where this would promote the conservation of African birds and their habitats.

You can download a copy of ABC’s current five-year strategy here.

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The ABC logo depicts an Egyptian Plover in flight designed by Pete Leonard.

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