The latest projects that the African Bird Club (ABC) is supporting through our Awards Programme are: 

• A survey by Farid Bahleman of Hooded Vultures in towns in the north of Benin.

• A study by Camille Tchankpan of hunting pressures on waterbirds in southern Benin.

• An assessment by Daniella Manewoung Zogning of the population status of hornbills in Douala-Edéa National Park, Cameroon, and initiation of community-based conservation awareness.

• A survey by Peter Njeru of Hinde’s Babbler in Mutitu and Muumoni hill forests, Kenya.

• A census and monitoring by Claude Jacquot Ralazampirenena of Malagasy Pond Herons in Manombo Special Reserve, Madagascar.

• A survey by Renel Bemaro of Helmet Vanga in Masoala National Park, Madagascar.

• A study by Taiwo Adams of the breeding ecology of Principe Thrush on Príncipe.

• A compilation by Marie Laure Rurangwa of traditional ornithological knowledge for long-term conservation of birds in Rwanda.

• An assessment by Thomas Kanyempura of the population size, distribution, and community’s perceptions of Hooded Vultures in Rwanda.

• A study by Kumbirai Karen Chiro of the population, distribution, breeding status and viability of Black Storks in Midlands Black Rhino Conservancy, Zimbabwe.

Taiwo received an ABC Expedition Award of £5,000, Thomas received an ABC Conservation Award of £2,990, Claude Jacquot and Renel received ABC Conservation Awards of £2,768 and £2,000, respectively, and the other six grantees each received an ABC Conservation Award of £3,000.

ABC is also currently partnering with Fundação Kissama to promote and collect funds for an ongoing project to protect Afromontane forest at Mount Moco, the highest mountain and a proposed new conservation area in Angola. The forest is home to several endemic birds including Swierstra’s Francolin. All funds raised will be spent in Angola, mostly on employing local community members to plant trees and burn firebreaks.
If you would like to help reforest Mount Moco and offset your carbon footprint, click here and donate whatever you can today.

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