Sénégal | Senegal

West Africa

196,710 km²



Afrotropical avifauna, with a minor Palaearctic element
Approximately 660 recorded species

River Prinia (Bram Piot)
Black Scrub Robin (Paul van Giersbergen)
Sennar Penduline Tit (Nik Borrow)

Birds best found in Senegal but occurring more widely (BT)
Savile’s Bustard
Little Grey Woodpecker
Sennar Penduline Tit
River Prinia
Chestnut-bellied Starling
Black Scrub Robin
Sudan Golden Sparrow

Birds occurring in only two territories of the ABC region but not near-endemics or BT (1/2)
Mali Firefinch

Birds best found in two territories but occurring in more (B2)
Cricket Warbler
White-billed Buffalo Weaver

Proposed new species or splits not yet accepted by IOC
African Green Bee-eater (BT)
Desert Grey Shrike
African Scrub Robin (BT)
Vinaceous Black-faced Firefinch

Other taxa of interest
Ahanta Spurfowl
Scissor-tailed Kite | African Swallow-tailed Kite
Beaudouin’s Snake Eagle
Grasshopper Buzzard
Arabian Bustard
Black Crowned Crane
Black-headed Lapwing
Egyptian Plover
Greater Painted-snipe
Cream-coloured Courser
West African Crested Tern
Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse
African Collared Dove
Plain Nightjar
Vieillot’s Barbet
Rufous-rumped Lark
Kordofan Lark
Aquatic Warbler
Red-chested Swallow
Anteater Chat
Lavender Waxbill
Black-rumped Waxbill
Sahel Paradise Whydah
Exclamatory Paradise Whydah
White-rumped Seedeater

Egyptian Plover (Paul van Giersbergen)
Beautiful Sunbird (Paul van Giersbergen)

Arid savanna, wetlands

Upper Niger valley Secondary Area
21 Important Bird Areas

Richard Toll, Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary and Sine-Saloum Delta

TIMING (Aug–Sep, Mar)
Being arid, most birds breed at the end of the rains (Sep–Nov)

Birds of Africa (iOS or Android)

Field guides
Birds of Senegal and The Gambia by Nik Borrow & Ron Demey (2012)
Birds of The Gambia and Senegal by Clive Barlow & Tim Wacher (2005)
Birds of Western Africa by Nik Borrow & Ron Demey (2014)
Oiseaux du Sénégal by Jean-Marie Dupart (2017)

Audio Guide to the Birds of Senegal/Guide Sonore des Oiseaux du Sénégal curated by Bram Piot
Bird Song of The Gambia and Senegal: an Aid to Identification by Clive Barlow, John Hammick & Pat Sellar
Oiseaux d’Afrique/African Bird Sounds Vol 2: Afrique Occidentale et Centrale/West and Central Africa by Claude Chappuis

Site guides
Birding in the Dakar Area by Betsy Hopkins (2005)
Where to Watch Pelagic Birds: Senegal and the Cape Verde Islands by Angus Wilson (2002)

Atlas des Oiseaux de Casamance

Further reading
Senegal by N D Coulthard in Important Bird Areas in Africa and Associated Islands: Priority Sites for Conservation edited by Lincoln D C Fishpool & Michael I Evans (2001)
Oiseaux Nicheurs sur les Côtes du Parc National du Delta du Sine-Saloum et du Parc National Langue de Barbarie, Sénégal, 1998 by Guido O Keijl, Allix Brenninkmeijer, Frans J Schepers, Robert E Brasseur, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, Eric W M Stienen & Jan Veen (2000)
Oiseaux d’Eau dans le Delta du Sine-Saloum et la Petite Côte, Sénégal, Janvier 1997 by FJ Schepers, G O Keijl, P L Meininger & J B Rigoulot (1998)
Les Oiseaux de Sénégambie: Notices et Cartes de Distribution by Gérard J Morel & Marie-Yvonne Morel (1990)
Land Cover and Avian Biodiversity in Rice Fields and Mangroves of West Africa by Daan Bos, Ion Grigoras & Abdoulaye Ndiaye (2006)
Birding Northern Senegal (St. Louis, Richard Toll and Podor), a trip report by David Karr (2018)
Articles in Malimbus, Bull. ABC, etc.

Les Oiseaux du Sénégal
Seawatching in Senegal
UNESCO World Heritage List: Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary and Niokolo-Koba National Park
Senegal Tours – Ashanti African Tours

Senegal Wildlife – Birdwatching and Natural History in Dakar and Beyond/L’Ornithologie et l’Histoire Naturelle de Dakar et Au-delà
ORNITHONDAR – Des Oiseaux (et du Reste) dans le Nord du Sénégal/Birds (and More) in Northern Senegal

Facebook groups
Nature et Oiseaux Sénégal
Birding Senegal
Parc National des Oiseaux de Djoudj


Association Nature-Communautés-Développement (NCD) is the BirdLife Partner in Senegal

Other bird or conservation organisations active in Senegal include –
APALIS (Association pour l’Études et la Conservation des Oiseaux de Casamance au Sénégal)/GÉPOC (Groupe d’Études et de Protection des Oiseaux de Casamance)
GIE Niokolo
Comité de Gestion de la Réserve Ornithologique de Kalissaye (ROK)
Association Sénégalaise des Amis de la Nature (ASAN)
Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE)
Oceanium de Dakar
Neene Ladde
Innovations Environnement et Développement Durable (IE2D)
Aire Marine Protégée du Gandoule GIE Niowudane (AMPG)
Partenariat Régional pour la Conservation de la Zone Côtière et Marine (PRCM) en Afrique de l’Ouest
Wetlands International Afrique (WIACO)

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