ABC Bulletin 3.1 March 1996

Field identification of the Indigobirds

Payne R.B.
p 14-25

Identification of Illadopses Illadopsis spp in the Upper Guinea Forest

Allport G.A., Ausden M.J., Fishpool L.D.C., Hayman P.V., Robertson P.A., Wood, P.
p 26-30

Oxpeckers, the genus Buphagus

Breitwisch, R.
p 31-33

The recent rediscovery of White-winged Flufftails in Ethiopia

Atkinson, P., Robertson, P., Dellelegn, Y., Wondafrash, M. and Atkins, J.
p 34-36

Comments on a possible new species of Scops owl Otus sp on Réunion

Bretagnolle, V and Attié, C.
p 36

Two nests of Nahan’s Francolin in the Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda

Plumptre, A.J.
p 37-38

Note on the field identification of Uluguru Violet-backed Sunbird Anthreptes neglectus

Evans, T.D.
p 38-39

Photospot: Ethiopian Endemics

Fishpool, L.D.C., Allport, G.A. and Webb R.
p 40-43

Photospot: Collared Nightjar Caprimulgus enarratus

Chittenden, H.
p 43-44

The first report of the Seychelles Bird Records Committee

Skerrett, A.
p 45-50

Birding in the Kieni Forest

Gardner, N.
p 51-52

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