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White-backed Vulture feeding

White-backed Vulture feeding - Adult

» Chobe National Park northern section
Country image taken
» Botswana
» May, 2017
» Canon 80D with Canon 100-400mm Mark II L IS USM at 400mm handheld
Bird Species
»Gyps africanus - White-backed Vulture
Bird Species (French)
»Vautour africain
Bird Status
» Critically Endangered
» A pride of lions had claimed this elephant carcass and were chasing the vultures off every time they started feeding. Manual exposure 1/800 sec, f8 ISO 1000. Lighting adjustments, NR, cropping and digital lens optimiser applied in Canon DPP 4. Exported 16 bit TIFF file processed in Adobe Photoshop Elements with Neat Image NR plugin to reduce noise. Sharpen after final size reduction.

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