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Amani Sunbird female

Amani Sunbird female - Adult female

» Arabuko-Sokoke Forest
Country image taken
» Kenya
» August, 2007
» Canon 1D mkII + 500mm IS lens + 1.4x TC
Bird Species
»Hedydipna pallidigaster - Amani Sunbird
Bird Species (French)
»Souimanga d'Amani
Bird Family
Bird Status
» Endangered
» In Arabuko-Sokoke these birds were apparently restricted to the canopy of more mature Brachystegia stands in white sand-soil forest where they favoured trees sporting heavy growths of a 'Spanish moss' -type epiphyte. The birds always seemed to be high up at around 20-35 metres & seemed to spend most of their time gleaning insects from the high branches & especially the hanging moss 'gardens'

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