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Safeguarding Kenya's Endemic Species
A Case of the Taita Apalis and Clarke's Weaver
A presentation by Nature Kenya September 2021  
Michael Mills Angola presentation African Bird Club / BirdLife Zimbabwe presentations on the subjects of Important Bird Areas, Lilian's Lovebirds and Blue Swallows  
BirdLife Zimbabwe Presentation June 2021  
Michael Mills Angola presentation Photos Copyright
Tertius Gous, Tasso Leventis, John Clark, John Hopkins, Pete Morris, Lars Petersson Kostadin Luchansky, Alexandre Vaz, Pedro Van Pinto
Michael Mills Angola Presentation April 2021  


Bird News 2020

Sam Ivande John Kinghorn  
Birds of Africa App (Sam Ivande) Young Birders (John Kinghorn)  


African Bird Club AGM 2019

Stephen Pringle Nigel Redman Dr Nigel Collar
A feathered rainbow: the science behind colour in African birds (Stephen Pringle) Endemic birds in the Horn of Africa (Nigel Redman) Bird conservation in Africa - progress or pretence (Dr Nigel Collar)
Dick Forsman Sarah Havery Dr Yakhat Barshep
African raptors - regularly recurring identification problems (Dick Forsman) Turning the tide for Taita Apalis (Sarah Havery) The Nigerian Bird Atlas Project (Dr Yakhat Barshep)



Global Big Day For the Love of Birds  
Global Big Day and Global Bird Weekend, October 2020 For the Love of Birds - TED Talk  



Bird-watching in Nigeria    
Bird-watching in Nigeria    

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