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Main changes in the March 2010 version

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This new revision (March 2010) is updated to end of March 2010.

For this year’s update only minimal changes have been made.  

Updates and changes have been noted from:

Volume 14 of Handbook of the Birds of the World was published in late 2009 and includes bush-shrikes, drongos, vangas, crows, starlings and sparrows.

Main changes in the January 2007 version

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Two substantial changes:

1)  The main list now in 2 parts:  a) Non-passerines to which brief notes of Status, Habitat and Range have been added; b)  Passerines (it is intended to put similar notes onto this part in due course).

2)  All names have been revisited and where the general consensus suggests that a change should be made to the main entry line this has been done with suitable modifications to the notes.  A list of changes to main names is included below.

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