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African birdlife has an enormous appeal for birdwatchers, avian photographers, ornithologists and even for tourists with only a passing interest in wildlife. Almost 2,500 species of 111 families have been seen in the mainland of Africa, its associated islands and around its coasts. Of these, perhaps 1,800 species and a remarkable 20 bird families are found only in this geographic area.

Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania

A reason to be proud: This year at the NaneNane Agriculture Exhibition, SAT broke its own records! More visitors, more farmer groups and a special guest of honor. Furthermore, 694 farmers from 29 groups who proved to comply with organic principles were awarded with organic certificates and the license to use the East African Organic Mark (EAOM) in marketing their organic products. Read about a farmer group which is now improving life standards of its members through organic agriculture.

Kruger Birding and Wildlife Challenge, Feb 2019

Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Adventures is running a Birding & Wildlife race through the Kruger: There will be 21 teams competing against each other to record the most birds and mammals over a 9-day period. This promises to be great fun and will raise funds for BirdLife South Africa. Participants will either meet in Johannesburg at 8am on the 6th of February or at one of Kruger’s entry gates, if preferred.

BirdLife wins leadership in bird conservation award in Africa

BirdLife International is the first recipient of the exceptional leadership award in environmental management and governance in Africa. The award was given by NEPAD, an economic development programme of the African Union to BirdLife on Wednesday, 19 September 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. The award recognizes BirdLife’s outstanding work in the conservation of birds, their habitats and global biodiversity in Africa. Read the full details of this exciting news here.

Children across Africa unite to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day

Just as birds fly the length of Africa on their migration, so the love of birds forms a chain linking different schools in different countries across the continent. On the 12th of May, each school celebrated World Migratory Bird Day in their own unique way. Here are just a few of the sites and ways in which they celebrated:

Kallisaye Ornithological Reserve, Senegal.

Rusizi National Park, Burundi.

Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, Senegal River Delta.

ODZH in Guinea Bissau

A fascinating seminar on "The Bird in Tunisia's Heritage".


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