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Monday, May 15, 2017

Youth Africa Birding is two years old & has 500+ members.

John Kinghorn is part of an association of young African based birders who aim to promote and grow the lifestyle/hobby/passion they love most in the African continent. Youth Africa Birding seeks to bring about a sense of youthfulness into the birding world, along with a new, passionate and enthusiastic energy into what some birders saw as somewhat of a khaki clad, sit-on-the-front-porch-with-a-cup-of-tea "old boys/girls" club. This is thankfully no longer the case and over recent years youth birding has taken flight all across the globe, most notably in the USA, Europe and Australia and I can now happily say that South Africa, and Africa as a whole, is now not far behind at all! 

Youth Africa Birding has been running for just on two years now and has over 500 members from across the continent, and is as far reaching as Kenya and Uganda where there are newly founded YAB platforms. It is thus with great pleasure that John wishes to introduce to ABC members their very first website designed by fellow YAB member Justin Cohen , along with their new logo design by Arno Jackson from Beleave Clothing. We trust that this website will be able to keep all those who do not qualify to join YAB's Facebook group due to the age limit (14-29) up to date with the happenings and news from youth birders across the continent! The website can be found at Good luck to YAB from all at ABC!

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