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South Africa’s seabirds, raptors in serious decline

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A new report highlights some disturbing trends and stats.

Black Oystercatchers are found on the shores of South Africa. Their status, along with that of every other bird in the country, is examined in a new report.

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For bird lovers, South Africa has always been a great place to be.

From the world’s largest bird, Common Ostrich Struthio camelus to the tiny Cape Penduline-Tit Anthoscopus minutus the country boasts an impressive amount of avian biodiversity. A new study from BirdLife South Africa, however, shows that the past few years have not been kind to the country’s birds, and many of them are in decline in the country, with the number in danger of disappearing from South Africa only increasing.

Over five years in the making, The State of South Africa’s Birds 2018 report used national survey and monitoring data to create a picture of the conservation status of the country’s birds and their habitats. See the full story here.

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