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Saving Lake Oursi with phones and Facebook

Date posted: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Volunteers in Burkina Faso turn to social media to save their local wetland

Members of the Site Support Group at Oursi © Seydou Nacro

Volunteer conservationists in rural Burkina Faso are turning to social media in order to save their local wetland. The Lake Oursi Site Support Group are using smart phones to respond immediately to fires and poaching. The group is a passionate volunteer group entrusted to care for their local Important Bird Areas. Lake Oursi is an important wetland in the landlocked West African state.

Large numbers of Palearctic bird species migrating within the region use the lake annually and a population of 16,000 people depend on it for livelihood. Unfortunately, this wetland of global importance is facing many threats including overgrazing, siltation, eutrophication, deforestation, poaching of birds and the collection of birds’ eggs which have led to a rapid decline of migratory birds in the area. Read more of their exploits here.

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