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Preventing Extinction Programme - the 10th anniversary

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

BL's Preventing Extinctions Programme is 10 this year; here's what it has achieved

Amur Falcon

© Thangam Velusamy

At its 2008 World Congress, BirdLife launched the Preventing Extinctions Programme, bringing together the whole Partnership’s species conservation efforts. The underlying principle was simple, recalls Jim Lawrence, BirdLife Global Marketing Manager: "BirdLife couldn't, with a clear conscience, allow any more bird species to go extinct as a result of human activity". For Roger Safford (BirdLife Senior Programme Manager, Preventing Extinctions) the Programme was – and remains – a clear statement that such extinctions "simply aren’t acceptable". Underpinned by BirdLife’s science, often supported by 'Species Champions' and working through 'Species Guardians' (frequently BirdLife Partners), the Programme has helped at least 483 threatened species, many Critically Endangered. That's a mighty list to choose from – so what are the programme’s greatest success stories? Have a read here to see how birds have been helped.

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