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Kruger Birding and Wildlife Challenge, Feb 2019

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A fund-raising event for BirdLife South Africa 6th-14th February 2019!

African Elephant © Adam Riley, Rockjumper

Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Adventures is running a Birding & Wildlife race through the Kruger: There will be 21 teams competing against each other to record the most birds and mammals over a 9-day period. This promises to be great fun and will raise funds for BirdLife South Africa. Participants will either meet in Johannesburg at 8am on the 6th of February or at one of Kruger’s entry gates, if preferred. The challenge count will officially kick-off at 3pm on the 6th of February, and will end at 5pm on the 14th of February. Each team can tally species recorded from the time the camps officially open until they close (sunrise to sunset) and 2 night drives will also be allowed per team (cost included in the challenge fee). For the full details of how to enter and to keep up with the latest information, go here.

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