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Illegal trapping threatens migrating Quail

Date posted: 
Friday, March 22, 2019

Common Quail are subject to illegal trapping. Action is needed.

Whether a Common Quail migrates or not is determined by its genes © BirdLife Europe

The Common Quail is one of seven flagship birds in our Flight for Survival campaign to raise awareness of the scope and scale of the illegal killing of migratory birds. 

They prefer to stay hidden amongst the rough grasses of farmland as it forages with its long, sharp claws for insects and seeds. Birdwatchers have much better chances of hearing their characteristic call than seeing them. Though a frustration to birdwatchers, their secretive behaviour is for their own good, since unfortunately when they do encounter humans it is often at their peril. During their flight across the Mediterranean Sea they fly low, heading for a place to rest but instead find themselves caught up in vast nets, particularly in Egypt. Read the full story here.

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