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Guinea-Bissau’s Mass Vulture Deaths - PETITION

Date posted: 
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Investigating the mystery behind Guinea-Bissau’s mass vulture deaths


Hooded Vulture

John Caddick

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Guinea Bissau has lost more than 2000 Critically Endangered vultures in deliberate poisoning, in the world's largest incident of vulture deaths to date. We call on the Guinea Bissau government, CEDEAO and African Union to take ACTION and #StopTheKillings. 

In Guinea-Bissau in recent months, the world’s largest ever incident of vulture killings – has caused the loss of around 5% of Guinea-Bissau’s Hooded vulture population in just a few weeks. More than 2000 Critically Endangered Hooded Vultures have been killed through deliberating poisoning in events that began unfolding in February 2020. With Guinea-Bissau containing important global populations of Hooded Vultures, this catastrophe threatens their future existence on the planet.




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