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Conserving bustards in South Africa

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Friday, June 12, 2009

BirdLife South Africa has formed a working group to aid the conservation of bustards within the country. "South Africa’s bustards are in trouble, with six of the country's ten species listed in the South African Red Data Book", said Mark Anderson - Executive Director of BirdLife South Africa. For example, experts identified that populations of Ludwig's and Denham's Bustard [Near Threatened] are threatened by a single mortality factor - collisions with the cables of power-lines. Studies by Mark Anderson and the University of Cape Town's Dr Andrew Jenkins, found that on average about one Ludwig’s Bustard collides per kilometre of power line per year at these sites. "The thought that we could be potentially losing them at a rate of over 10,000 birds killed annually by this factor alone is terrifying", said David Allan, ornithologist at the Durban Natural Science Museum.

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