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The Birder's Guide to Africa (Michael Mills)

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Friday, December 4, 2020

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The Birder's Guide to Africa

The Birder's Guide to Africa by Michael Mills (photographs by Tasso Leventis) contains 544 pages and 338 colour photographs.

The first comprehensive and detailed summary of bird watching in the African region, covering all mainland territories and associated islands. An overview of birding in the region, highlighting key destinations for different kinds of travellers, is followed by Country Accounts for all 68 territories that comprise the region, in which details on travel and birding are provided for each territory, including a comprehensive list of important bird taxa to be targeted on a visit. In the Family Accounts, 142 bird families are recorded from the region, described briefly, and illustrated with spectacular photographs. Finally, the Species Accounts for all 2,792 bird species details information on ease of seeing, distribution, status, habitat, subspecies, taxonomic issues and best places to see.

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