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Dowsett Checklists


The African Bird Club is delighted that Bob Dowsett is making his updated country checklists available on the website. These checklists represent a major revision and will be incorporated in his new publication "Checklist and Atlas" of the birds of Western Africa. This will cover the same countries as the excellent field guide "Birds of Western Africa" by Nik Borrow and Ron Demey published by Christopher Helm, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing plc, London, and will complement that work.

Each country checklist is available in an easy to read format showing English, French and Scientific (Howard and Moore) names for each species as well as the status and subspecies within that country. This is followed by sections on Nomenclature, Abbreviations, References, Avifauna summary and Taxonomic notes. 




Please note that we have set up this page with two initial drafts, for which comments will be welcome. We would appreciate any corrections, additions or suggestions. You will see that there are a number of species on the lists which have never been properly published in a refereed journal. If you made the observation or know of others which are not on the list, can you please let us know and prepare a note for Bull. ABC, Malimbus or elsewhere. It will be difficult otherwise to retain some species in what is intended as a scientifically objective avifauna.

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