SUB-REGIONHorn of Africa SIZE117,600 km² BIRDS AND BIRDING SPECIESDiversityA blend of Afrotropical and Palaearctic speciesApproximately 590 recorded species Birds occurring in only two territories of the ABC region but not near-endemics (1/2)White-collared PigeonRouget’s RailWattled IbisBanded BarbetAbyssinian WoodpeckerBlack-winged LovebirdEthiopian OrioleWhite-backed Black TitBlanford’s LarkEthiopian CisticolaWhite-billed StarlingEthiopian ThrushAbyssinian Slaty FlycatcherWhite-winged Cliff ChatRüppell’s Black ChatRusty-breasted Wheatear Birds best found in […]