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Mauritius is an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean consisting of a main island of the same name and the outer islands of Rodrigues, Agaléga and the Cargados Carajos Shoals, also known as St Brandon, with a combined total land area of 2,030 km²



A distinctive Malagasy avifauna, but with many introduced species
Approximately 120 recorded species on Mauritius and 50 on Rodrigues

Mauritius Kestrel (Jacques de Spéville)
Pink Pigeon (Jacques de Spéville)
Echo Parakeet (Jacques de Spéville)

Endemics (E)
Pink Pigeon (VU)
Mauritius Kestrel (EN)
Echo Parakeet (VU)
Mauritius Cuckooshrike (VU)
Mauritius Bulbul (VU)
Rodrigues Warbler (NT)
Mauritius Grey White-eye (LC)
Mauritius Olive White-eye | Mauritius White-eye (CR)
Mauritius Fody (EN)
Rodrigues Fody (NT)

Mauritius Cuckooshrike (Jacques de Spéville)
Mauritius Bulbul (Jacques de Spéville)
Mauritius Grey White-eye (Jacques de Spéville)
Rodrigues Warbler (Jacques de Spéville)
Rodrigues Fody (Jacques de Spéville)

Birds best found in Mauritius but occurring more widely (BT)
Trindade Petrel

Birds occurring in only two territories of the ABC region but not near-endemics or BT (1/2), including endemic subspecies (ESS)
Mascarene Swiftlet (ESS francicus)
Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher (ESS desolata)

Proposed splits not yet accepted by IOC
Round Island Petrel (E)
Mauritius Paradise Flycatcher (E)

Other taxa of interest
Common Moorhen (pyrrhorrhoa)
Brown Noddy (pileatus)
Lesser Noddy
White Tern
Greater Crested Tern
Lesser Crested Tern
Bridled Tern
Sooty Tern
Red-tailed Tropicbird
White-tailed Tropicbird
Wilson’s Storm Petrel
Herald Petrel
Barau’s Petrel
Wedge-tailed Shearwater
Tropical Shearwater
Bulwer’s Petrel
Masked Booby
Brown Booby
Striated Heron (javanica)
Eleonora’s Falcon
Mascarene Martin (borbonica)

National bird
Mauritius Kestrel | Mangeur de Poules | Mañzer d’Pul

Introduced species
Helmeted Guineafowl
Grey Francolin
Common Quail
Rock Dove
Malagasy Turtle Dove
Spotted Dove
Zebra Dove
Rose-ringed Parakeet
House Crow
Red-whiskered Bulbul
Common Myna
House Sparrow
Village Weaver
Red Fody
Scaly-breasted Munia
Common Waxbill
Yellow-fronted Canary

Indigenous forest, islets, pelagic waters

Mauritius Endemic Bird Area (EBA)
Rodrigues EBA
16 Important Bird Areas

Black River Gorges National Park and Île aux Aigrettes for Mauritian forest species
Round Island for Mauritian seabirds
Highlands of Rodrigues for Rodrigues Warbler and Rodrigues Fody

TIMING (Sep–Nov)
Best at the start of the rains when most birds breed
Avoid the main rains and cyclone season (Dec–Apr)

Birds of Mauritius (iOS or Android)

Field guides
Birds of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands by Frank Hawkins, Roger Safford & Adrian Skerrett (2015)
Birds of Mauritius, Rodrigues & Islets by Narainsamy Ramen (2018)
Birds of the Mascarene: a Comprehensive Collection of Endemic, Oceanic, Migratory and Exotic Birds of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion/Les Oiseaux des Mascareignes: un Recueil Exhaustif des Oiseaux Endémiques, Océaniques, Migrateurs et Exotiques de Maurice, Rodrigues et la Réunion by Narainsamy Ramen (2012)
Birds of Mauritius by Claude Michel (1992)

Bird Sounds of Madagascar, Mayotte, Comoros, Seychelles, Reunion, Mauritius/Oiseaux de Madagascar, Mayotte, Comores, Seychelles, Reunion, Maurice by Pierre Huguet & Claude Chappuis
Bird Song of Mauritius by John Hammick

Site guides
A Birder’s Guide to Mauritius and Réunion (with Seabirds of the Western Indian Ocean) by Dave Sargeant (1993)

Further reading
The Birds of Africa Vol VIII: The Malagasy Region edited by Roger Safford & Frank Hawkins (2013)
Lost Land of the Dodo: the Ecological History of Mauritius, Réunion and Rodrigues by Anthony Cheke & Julian Hume (2008)
Mauritius by Roger J Safford in Important Bird Areas in Africa and Associated Islands: Priority Sites for Conservation edited by Lincoln D C Fishpool & Michael I Evans (2001)
Studies of Mascarene Island Birds edited by A W Diamond (1987)
Birds of the Mascarenes and Saint Brandon by France Staub (1976)
Birds: Île Maurice & Rodrigues by Jacques de Spéville (2014)
Birds of the Indian Ocean/Les Oiseaux de l’Océan Indien by Narainsamy Ramen (2022)
Articles in Scopus, Bull. ABC, The Mauritius Institute Bulletin, Echo News (MWF Newsletter), etc.

Birdman of Mauritius


The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is the BirdLife Partner in Mauritius

Other bird or conservation organisations active in Mauritius include –
Council for Nature Conservation
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (DWCT)
Reef Conservation Mauritius
Casela Nature Parks

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