West Africa

111,370 km²



Strongly Afrotropical avifauna
Approximately 590 recorded species

Black-headed Rufous Warbler (David Hodinott)
Long-tailed Hawk (Mark Languy)
Grey Ground Thrush (Dave Hoddinott)

Birds best found in Liberia but occurring more widely (BT)
Sierra Leone Prinia
Grey Ground Thrush

Birds best found in two territories of the ABC region but occurring in more (B2)
Shelley’s Eagle-Owl
Rufous Fishing Owl
Western Wattled Cuckooshrike
Black-headed Rufous Warbler

Proposed splits not yet accepted by IOC
Chestnut Owlet
Western White-crested Hornbill
Western Yellow-spotted Barbet
Rufous-bellied Wattle-eye

Other taxa of interest
White-breasted Guineafowl
Latham’s Francolin
Ahanta Spurfowl
White-crested Tiger Heron
Congo Serpent Eagle
Long-tailed Hawk
Grey-throated Rail
Sandy Scops Owl
Maned Owl
Akun Eagle-Owl
Brown-cheeked Hornbill
Yellow-footed Honeyguide
Little Green Woodpecker
Fire-bellied Woodpecker
Melancholy Woodpecker
Timneh Parrot
Black-collared Lovebird
West African Wattle-eye
Red-cheeked Wattle-eye
White-necked Rockfowl | Yellow-headed Picathartes
Forest Penduline Tit
Baumann’s Greenbul
Green-tailed Bristlebill
Grey-headed Bristlebill
Western Bearded Greenbul
Yellow-bearded Greenbul
Kemp’s Longbill
Rufous-winged Illadopsis
Capuchin Babbler
Copper-tailed Starling
Finsch’s Rufous Thrush
White-tailed Alethe
Nimba Flycatcher
Olivaceous Flycatcher
Ussher’s Flycatcher
Buff-throated Sunbird
Gola Malimbe
Crimson Seedcracker
Red-fronted Antpecker

Congo Serpent Eagle (Tasso Leventis)
Yellow-bearded Greenbul (Paul van Giersbergen)

National bird
Common Bulbul | Pepper Bird

Lowland forest

Upper Guinea forests Endemic Bird Area
9 Important Bird Areas

Mount Nimba and Sapo National Park

TIMING (Dec–Jan, Apr)
Best during the dry season (Oct–Apr) when access is easier and most forest birds breed
Whydahs and indigobirds are more likely to be in breeding plumage immediately after the rains (Oct–Jan)
Avoid the main rains (May–Sep)

Birds of Africa (iOS or Android)

Field guides
Birds of Western Africa by Nik Borrow & Ron Demey (2014)

African Bird Sounds Vol 2: West and Central Africa by Claude Chappuis

Liberian Bird Atlas, a member of the African Bird Atlas Project

Further reading
Birds of Liberia by Wulf Gatter (2013)
Le Peuplement Animal du Mont Nimba: Guinée, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia edited by Maxime Lamotte & Roger Roy (2003)
Liberia by Peter Robertson in Important Bird Areas in Africa and Associated Islands: Priority Sites for Conservation edited by Lincoln D C Fishpool & Michael I Evans (2001)
The Status and Conservation of Threatened Birds in the Upper Guinea Forest by Gary Allport (1991)
Coastal Wetlands of Liberia: Their Importance for Wintering Waterbirds by Wulf Gatter (1988)
The Birds of Mount Nimba, Liberia by Peter R Colston & Kai Curry-Lindahl (1986)
Articles in Malimbus, Bull. ABC, The Pepper Bird (SCNL Newsletter), etc.

Liberia Birder
Liberia Tours – Ashanti African Tours

Facebook groups
Liberian Bird Atlas is the official Facebook group for this project


The BirdLife Partner in Liberia is the Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL)

Other bird or conservation organisations active in Liberia include –
The Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA)
Nimba Nature and Environment Initiative
Piso Conservation Forum
Bird Watch Club of Liberia
Monrovia Bird Watching Club
Fendell Bird Club
FTI Bird Club
Green Stewards Inc (GSI)
Volunteers for Sustainable Development in Africa (VOSIEDA)
Fauna & Flora International (FFI)
Conservation International, Liberia

The Environmental Knowledge Management System (EKMS) provides free and open access to information from key government and other institutions in Liberia relating to the implementation of the Rio Conventions
EKMS also provides a platform for government institutions and other contributors to share latest blogs, news and stories related to the Rio Conventions implementation process

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