Komori | جزر القمر | Comores | Comoros


The Comoros are an archipelago of three main volcanic islands – N’gazidja/Grande Comore (GC), Nzwani/Anjouan (A) and Mwali/Mohéli (M) – and numerous islets in the western Indian Ocean, with a combined total land area of 1,861 km²


Strongly Malagasy avifauna
Approximately 120 recorded species

Comoros Thrush (Paul van Giersbergen)
Anjouan Scops Owl (Paul van Giersbergen)
Crested Drongo (Paul van Giersbergen)

Endemics (E)
Comoros Green Pigeon (M) (EN)
Karthala Scops Owl | Grand Comoro Scops Owl (GC) (EN)
Anjouan Scops Owl (A) (EN)
Moheli Scops Owl (M) (EN)
Comoros Black Parrot (GC, A) (NT)
Comoros Blue Vanga (GC bensoni, M comorensis)
Comoros Cuckooshrike (GC cucullata, M moheliensis) (EN)
Grand Comoro Drongo | Comoro Drongo (GC) (EN)
Grand Comoro Bulbul (GC) (NT)
Moheli Bulbul (M) (EN)
Anjouan Brush Warbler (A) (NA)
Grand Comoro Brush Warbler (GC) (LC)
Moheli Brush Warbler (M) (EN)
Karthala White-eye (GC) (VU)
Anjouan White-eye (A) (NA)
Moheli White-eye (M) (NA)
Kirk’s White-eye (GC) (LC)
Comoros Thrush | Comoro Thrush (GC comorensis, M moheliensis, A bewsheri) (NT)
Humblot’s Flycatcher | Grand Comoro Flycatcher (GC) (VU)
Humblot’s Sunbird (GC humbloti, M mohelicus) (LC)
Anjouan Sunbird (A) (LC)

Comoros Black Parrot (Paul van Giersbergen)

Birds best found in Comoros but occurring more widely (BT)
Persian Shearwater (ESS M temptator)

Comoros Green Pigeon (Paul van Giersbergen)
Comoros Fody (Paul van Giersbergen)
Red-tailed Tropicbird (John Caddick)

Birds occurring in only two territories of the ABC region but not near-endemics or BT (1/2), including endemic subspecies (ESS)
Madagascar Spinetail (ESS GC mariae)
Malagasy Palm Swift | Madagascar Palm Swift (griveaudi)
Comoros Olive Pigeon | Comoro Pigeon
Malagasy Harrier | Madagascar Harrier
Cuckoo-roller (ESS A intermedius + GC gracilis)
Greater Vasa Parrot (comorensis)
Crested Drongo (ESS A potior)
Malagasy Brush Warbler | Madagascar Brush Warbler (ESS M moheliensis)
Malagasy Green Sunbird | Long-billed Sunbird (ESS GC moebii + M voeltzkowi)
Comoros Fody | Red-headed Fody (ESS A anjuanensis + GC consobrina + M eminentissima)

Comoros Blue Pigeon (Paul van Giersbergen)
Comoros Blue Pigeon (Paul van Giersbergen)

Birds best found in two territories but occurring in more (B2)
Comoros Blue Pigeon (sganzini)

Proposed new species or splits not yet accepted by IOC
Comoros Turtle Dove (1/2 comorensis)
Moheli Shearwater (E temptator)
Grand Comoro Cuckoo-roller (E GC gracilis)
Anjouan Cuckoo-roller (E A intermedius)
Grand Comoro Thrush (E GC comorensis)
Moheli Thrush (E M moheliensis)
Anjouan Thrush (E A bewsheri)
Grand Comoro Stonechat (E GC voeltzkowi)
Grand Comoro Sunbird (E GC moebii)
Moheli Sunbird (E M voeltzkowi)
Grand Comoro Fody (E GC consobrina)

Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher (John Caddick)
Comoros Olive Pigeon (Paul van Giersbergen)
Frances’s Sparrowhawk (Paul van Giersbergen)

Other taxa of interest, including more ESS
Common Quail (africana)
Malagasy Black Swift | Madagascar Swift (mayottensis)
Malagasy Turtle Dove | Madagascar Turtle Dove (comorensis)
Common Moorhen (pyrrhorrhoa)
Brown Noddy
Bridled Tern
Sooty Tern
Red-tailed Tropicbird
White-tailed Tropicbird
Great Frigatebird
Lesser Frigatebird
Masked Booby
Brown Booby
Striated Heron (rhizophorae)
Grey Heron (firasa)
Humblot’s Heron
Dimorphic Egret
Frances’s Sparrowhawk (ESS GC griveaudi + ESS A pusillus)
Yellow-billed Kite (parasitus)
Western Barn Owl (hypermetra)
Malagasy Kingfisher | Madagascar Malachite Kingfisher (johannae)
Olive Bee-eater | Madagascar Bee-eater (superciliosus)
Peregrine Falcon (radama)
Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher | Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher (ESS A vulpina + M voeltzkowiana + GC comorensis)
African Stonechat (ESS GC voeltzkowi)
Bronze Mannikin

Introduced species
Helmeted Guineafowl
Rock Dove
Grey-headed Lovebird
Common Myna
House Sparrow
Red Fody

Lowland and montane forest

Comoro Islands Endemic Bird Area
4 Important Bird Areas

Karthala Mountains on Ngazidja/Grande Comore
Lake Dzianlandzé on Nzwani/Anjouan
Djando Forest on Mwali/Mohéli

TIMING (Sep–Nov)
Best at the start of the rains when most birds breed (Aug–Dec)
Avoid the cyclone season (Dec–Apr)

Field guides
Birds of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands by Frank Hawkins, Roger Safford & Adrian Skerrett (2015)
A Photographic Guide to the Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands/Guide Photographique des Oiseaux des Îles de l’Océan Indien by Ian Sinclair, Olivier Langrand & Fanja Andriamialisoa (2006)

Guide Sonore des Oiseaux Nicheurs des Comores/Sound Guide to the Breeding Birds of the Comoros by Marc Herremans
Oiseaux de Madagascar, Mayotte, Comores, Seychelles, Reunion, Maurice/Bird Sounds of Madagascar, Mayotte, Comoros, Seychelles, Reunion, Mauritius by Pierre Huguet & Claude Chappuis

Atlas des Oiseaux Nicheurs de la Grande Comore, de Mohéli et d’Anjouan by Michel Louette, Hachime Abdérémane, Ibrahim Yahaya & Danny Meirte (2008)

Further reading
The Birds of Africa Vol VIII: The Malagasy Region edited by Roger Safford & Frank Hawkins (2013)
Oiseaux by Michel Louette in La Faune Terrestre de l’Archipel des Comores edited by Michel Louette, Danny Meirte & Rudy Jocqué (2009)
Terrestrial Fauna of the Comoros Archipelago/Faune Terrestre de l’Archipel des Comores by Oliver Hawlitschek, Rémy Eudeline & Antione Rouillé (2020)
Birds of the Indian Ocean/Les Oiseaux de l’Océan Indien by Narainsamy Ramen (2022)
The Comoros by Roger J Safford in Important Bird Areas in Africa and Associated Islands: Priority Sites for Conservation edited by Lincoln D C Fishpool & Michael I Evans (2001)
Biogéographie, Origine et Évolution des Oiseaux aux Comores by Michel Louette (1996)
Les Oiseaux des Comores by Michel Louette (1988)
Birds on the Comoro Islands, April 1990 by Roger J Safford & Michael I Evans (1992)
Sicklebill Safaris Expedition to the Comoro Islands, a trip report by Phil Gregory (2014)
Articles in Scopus, Bull. ABC, etc.

Indian Ocean Fieldguides: The Comoros


There is currently no BirdLife Partner in the Comoros

Bird or conservation organisations active in the Comoros include –
Fédération des Acteurs de Développement Economique et Social de l’Ile de Mohéli (FADESIM)
Blue Ventures
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Centre National de Documentation et de Recherche Scientifique (CNDRS) is a public institution with a cultural and scientific purpose specializing in the conservation and enhancement of the natural (fauna and flora) and cultural (tangible and intangible) heritage of the Comoros and the promotion of research

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