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How to use the checklists

Select the parameters from the drop-down lists to provide the checklist which you require:

  • the area for which the checklist is required
  • English or French names
  • all species on the country checklist or a checklist which excludes vagrants, uncertain records, locally extinct species etc.
  • the taxonomy which you require

The system has been developed and tested using Internet Explorer 8, Safari and Firefox web browsers in association with Acrobat Reader version 9.0.

The checklist will be produced as a .pdf file. Page 1 is a header page, page 2 contains information on use and nomenclature and pages 3 onwards contain the checklist which you have requested. Each page contains 50 species with status, names and tick boxes.

The following is the key for the status information.

A Africa
B Breeding record confirmed
E locally Extinct including former breeding records
I Introduced species
M Migrant including on passage through this country
N Nearctic
O Oceanic
P breeds in Palearctic
R Resident
SAT Satellite Record
V Vagrant
W Winters (non-breeding season)
X Rejected record
§ and ? Uncertain record

Combinations of these keys have been used throughout and should be self-explanatory but the following are examples of the more common:

RB Resident in the country and Breeding records confirmed
PW breeds in the Palearctic and Winters in the country
AM Intra African Migrant


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