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Miombo Scrub Robin Cercotrichas barbata, Multinondo Wilderness Area, Zambia

Image Credit: 
John Caddick

Bannerman's Sunbird Cyanomitra bannermani, Hillwood Farm, Mwinilunga, close to the DRC border, Zambia

Image Credit: 
John Caddick

Both LEONARD (2005) and a new site guide will cover many of Zambia's best birding sites in detail. Some of the most popular sites that are worth visiting for certain species include:

Hillwood (Nchila Wildlife Reserve) - for many of the 'Mwinilunga specials' in the far north-west.

Lochinvar National Park - for spectacular waterfowl concentrations.

Nkanga River Conservation Area - for a wide variety and particularly Chaplin's Barbet Lybius chaplini[email protected]

Kafue National Park - for a wide variety, Black-cheeked Lovebirds Agapornis nigrigenis in the south and mammals.

Mutinondo Wilderness - excellent miombo and dambo

North & South Luangwa National Parks - excellent waterbirds and raptors, not to mention the mammals.

Kasanka National Park and Bangweulu Swamps - good miombo and dambo and of course waterfowl and  Shoebill Balaeniceps rex in the

Nyika National Park - for all the montane species. Best approached from Malawi.

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