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Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone corvina

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Sue Walsh

Country checklist and status


We are delighted that our Corporate Sponsor iGoTerra has made its country checklists, including subspecies (IOC or Clements) as well as all other species groups like mammals, butterflies etc. available through the ABC website. The only thing required is a Basic membership / registration which is free of charge. Go to Seychelles checklists. If you are already a member of iGoTerra, you will be taken directly to the country page. In case you are not a member, you will be redirected automatically to the registration form and from there can go straight to the country page..

As of 1st July 2011, the Seychelles Bird Records Committee has recorded 255 species on the Seychelles list. These comprise resident landbirds and waterbirds (47 species), breeding seabirds (18 species), annual migrants (27 species), occasional visitors (156 species) and extinctions (7 species).

See Seychelles Birds Records Committee for the full checklist. See also BETTS M (2002) and SKERRETT A et al (2006).

Endemic species

Seychelles Kestrel Falco araea
Seychelles Blue Pigeon Alectroenas pulcherrima
Seychelles Scops Owl Otus insularis
Seychelles Swiftlet Aerodramus elaphrus
Seychelles Bulbul Hypsipetes crassirostris
Seychelles Magpie-Robin Copsychus sechellarum
*Aldabra Warbler Nesillas aldabrana
Seychelles Warbler Acrocephalus sechellensis
Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone corvina
Seychelles Sunbird Cinnyris dussumieri
Seychelles White-eye Zosterops modestus
Aldabra Drongo Dicrurus aldabranus
Seychelles Fody Foudia sechellarum

* Note that Aldabra Warbler Nesillas aldabrana is on the ABC checklist but it is now thought to be extinct.

Near endemic species (found in 3 countries at most)

White-throated Rail Dryolimnas cuvieri A
Comoro Blue Pigeon Alectroenas sganzini A
Madagascar Turtle Dove Streptopelia picturata  
Lesser Vasa Parrot Coracopsis (nigra) barklyi  
Souimanga Sunbird Cinnyris souimanga A

A = found only on Aldabra in The Seychelles.

Threatened species

Madagascar Pond Heron Ardeola idae Endangered
Seychelles Kestrel Falco araea Vulnerable
Seychelles Scops Owl Otus insularis Endangered
Seychelles Swiftlet Aerodramus elaphrus Vulnerable
Seychelles Magpie-Robin Copsychus sechellarum Critical
Seychelles Warbler Acrocephalus sechellensis Vulnerable
Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone corvina Critical
Seychelles White-eye Zosterops modestus Critical

Note that Madagascar Sacred Ibis Threskiornis bernieri is sometimes considered a separate species and endangered.

The lists of endemic, near endemic and threatened species have been compiled from a number of sources including the African Bird Club, BirdLife International, and Birds of the World Version 2.0 ® 1994-1996, Dr. Charles Sibley and Thayer Birding Software, Ltd.

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