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Birding tours

Birdquest and Rockjumper operate tours to Réunion.


Birdwatchers on holiday in La Réunion can contact SEOR by post (see contact page for details). They can participate in a birdwatching day (the programme is on the SEOR web site), or if it is convenient for SEOR, it may be possible to carry out field work with permanent staff.

Trip reports

A birder's guide to Mauritius and Réunion (with seabirds of the western Indian Ocean) (1993) by Sargeant, D. published privately. This a 14 page report based on a cruise from Durban. The report includes an itinerary, site guide and checklists.

Reunion trip report covers a combined wildlife and tourism trip to Réunion and Mauritius in July 1999 by Gerard Joannes.


One can fly to Réunion from Mauritius, the Seychelles, Comoros, Mayotte, Madagascar, South Africa, Kenya and France. The flights from France are generally more expensive between July and mid-September and at around Christmas time. There's currently no departure tax. Roland Garros Airport is located about 11 km east of St-Denis; an airport bus travels frequently between the airport and St-Denis, as do taxis.

The road system on the island is excellent and well signposted, and heading into the mountains via the cirque roads is a magnificent experience. As in the rest of France, Réunion drives on the right. To drive on the island, you must have either a valid French or international driver's licence.


Guidebooks, travel companies and websites provide much of the advice one needs, but key points warrant repetition here: (1) although there is no malaria in Réunion, you should be aware of the general risk especially if you are travelling to or from countries with malaria carrying mosquitoes (2) always ensure you have sufficient water and some method of purification (even if this comprises a pot and a campfire for boiling); (3) do not underestimate the danger of being in the sun for too long, ensure you use sun-block, drink plenty of water and wear a hat; (4) although the prevalence of AIDS is very low, be aware of the general risk of AIDS; (5) ensure that you take a reasonably-equipped first-aid pack with you including supplies of hypodermic and suturing needles. See the following website or your local embassy website for the latest safety and travel information: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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