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The birds show a very high degree of endemism with several bird families endemic to Madagascar and the neighbouring Comoros Islands. Over 100 species out of a total of over 200 breeding species are endemic to Madagascar. There are few terrestrial migrants as Madagascar seems to be off the usual Palearctic / African flyway.

A total of 44 species of global conservation concern occur in Madagascar, a total only exceeded in Africa by Tanzania.

49 species have a restricted range defined as covering less than 50,000 km2 and these species have been grouped by their shared distributions and habitats into five Endemic Bird Areas (EBAs), a number equalled in Africa only by South Africa: West Malagasy dry forests with 6 restricted range species; East Malagasy wet forests with 20 such species; East Malagasy wetlands with 7 such species; West Malagasy wetlands with 6 such species; and South Malagasy spiny forests with 10 such species. In addition, there are two secondary EBAs.

Madagascar can be divided into two biomes for the purposes of bird conservation, the West Malagasy biome with 24 biome restricted species and the East Malagasy biome with 45 such species. 76 of Madagascar’s endemic species and 33 endemic genera are found almost exclusively in forest.

Malagasy coastal habitats differ considerably between the east and the west of the island. The east has mostly sand beaches with little in the way of birdlife. The west is richer and more diverse with extensive mangroves, saltpans, coastal lagoons, estuaries, sandbars, sand beaches and offshore islands.

There are a remarkable 84 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) designated by BirdLife International in Madagascar. These IBAs occupy 52,797 km2 equivalent to 8.6% of the land area of Madagascar. 48 of the 84 sites do not have legal protection. The names of the IBAs and the administrative region in which they reside are as follows:

Site name Administrative region
Cape Anorontany archipelago Antsiranana
East coast of Antsiranana Antsiranana
Montagne d’Ambre National Park and Special Reserve Antsiranana
Analamera Special Reserve Antsiranana
Mitsio archipelago Antsiranana
Ankarana Special Reserve Antsiranana
Andavakoera Classified Forest Antsiranana
Lake Sahaka Hunting Reserve Antsiranana
Ambavanankarana wetlands Antsiranana
Daraina Forest Antsiranana
Nosy Be and satellite islands Antsiranana
Ampasindava Bay wetlands Antsiranana
Manongarivo Special Reserve Antsiranana
Tsaratanana Strict Nature Reserve and adjacent areas Antsiranana
Anjanaharibe-South Special Reserve Antsiranana
Marojejy National Park Antsiranana
Masoala National Park Antsiranana
Sahamalaza Bay wetlands Mahajanga
Ankaizina wetlands Mahajanga
Loza Bay wetlands Mahajanga
Port-Bergé wetlands Mahajanga
Ankobohobo wetlands Mahajanga
Mahajamba Bay wetlands Mahajanga
Bombetoka Bay and Marovoay wetlands Mahajanga
Mahavavy delta wetlands Mahajanga
Baly Bay National Park Mahajanga
Ankarafantsika Strict Nature Reserve and Ampijoroa Forestry Station Mahajanga
Cape Saint André Forest and wetlands Mahajanga
Marotandrano Special Reserve Mahajanga
Namoroka Tsingy Strict Nature Reserve Mahajanga
Maevatanana­Ambato-Boeni wetlands Mahajanga
Maningoza Special Reserve Mahajanga
Bemarivo Special Reserve Mahajanga
Kasijy Special Reserve Mahajanga
Tambohorano wetlands Mahajanga
Iles Barren complex Mahajanga
Bemaraha Tsingy National Park and Strict Nature Reserve Mahajanga
Bemamba wetland complex Mahajanga
Manambolomaty wetland complex and Tsimembo Classified Forest Mahajanga
Anjanaharibe Classified Forest Toamasina
Upper Rantabe Classified Forest Toamasina
Mananara-North National Park Toamasina
Ambatovaky Special Reserve Toamasina
Bidia Classified Forest Toamasina
Bezavona Classified Forest Toamasina
Lake Alaotra Toamasina
Zahamena National Park Toamasina
Betampona Strict Nature Reserve Toamasina
Mangerivola Special Reserve Toamasina
Didy and Ivondro wetlands Toamasina
Sihanaka Forest Toamasina
North Pangalanes wetlands Toamasina
Torotorofotsy wetlands Toamasina
Mantadia National Park and Analamazaotra Special Reserve Toamasina
Ankeniheny Classified Forest Toamasina
Onive Classified Forest Toamasina
Anjozorobe Forest Antananarivo
Lake Itasy Antananarivo
Wetlands of the Tsiribihina delta and upper Tsiribihina river Toliara
Menabe Forest complex Toliara
Kirindy-South Forest complex Toliara
Lake Ihotry Hunting Reserve­Mangoky Delta complex Toliara
Mangoky­Ankazoabo Forest Toliara
Mikea Forest Toliara
Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park Toliara
Analavelona Forest Toliara
Saint Augustin Forest Toliara
Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve Toliara
Tsimanampetsotse Strict Nature Reserve Toliara
Mahafaly Plateau Forest complex Toliara
Andohahela National Park—Parcel I Toliara
Tsitongambarika Classified Forest Toliara
Andohahela National Park—Parcel II Toliara
South-western coastal wetlands Toliara
Menarandra Forest Toliara
Lakes Anony and Erombo Toliara
Cape Sainte Marie Special Reserve Toliara
Zafimaniry Forest Fianarantsoa
Ranomafana National Park Fianarantsoa
Andringitra National Park Fianarantsoa
Isalo National Park Fianarantsoa
Vondrozo Classified Forest Fianarantsoa
Kalambatritra Special Reseve Fianarantsoa
Midongy-South National Park Fianarantsoa

For further details, download the country IBAs from BirdLife International.

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