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Wetlands International has a small office in Bissau, headed by Joãozinho Sá, who can be contacted at GPC, 1031 Codex Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, [email protected]. This office is within the Gabinete de Planificação Costeira (GPC, or coastal planning office). This is also the centre for the new NGO ODZH, headed by Meio Dia Có and the bird monitoring unit (CESAG).

The Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation has provided support for bird surveys in Guinea-Bissau, notably in the Bijagós and Lagoas da Cufada. WIWO has conducted 2 surveys in Guinea Bissau: Contact address: Working Group on International Wader and Waterfowl Research, c/o Driebergse weg 16c, 3708 JB Zeist, Netherlands.


There are no bird-watching clubs as such, but the NGO ODZH (Organização para a Defesa e o Desenvolvimento das Zonas Húmidas na Guiné-Bissau) is regularly involved in bird surveys. Contact: [email protected]. There are also local community groups involved in monitoring Black Crowned Cranes Balearica pavonina.

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