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African River Martins Pseudochelidon eurystomina, Sette Cama, near Gamba, Gabon

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John Caddick

Country checklist and status



We are delighted that our Corporate Sponsor iGoTerra has made its country checklists, including subspecies (IOC or Clements) as well as all other species groups like mammals, butterflies etc. available through the ABC website. The only thing required is a Basic membership / registration which is free of charge. Go to Gabon checklists. If you are already a member of iGoTerra, you will be taken directly to the country page. In case you are not a member, you will be redirected automatically to the registration form and from there can go straight to the country page.

ABC and other checklists

You can download and print an ABC / Dowsett checklist for Gabon. The ABC lists follow the taxonomic sequence and names of Birds of Africa Volumes I-VII and are kept up to date with published and peer-reviewed records.

Over 670 bird species have been recorded in Gabon, including over 430 in the Ivindo Basin, a small region in the north-east making this, arguably, the richest area for birds in the whole of Africa.

Endemic species

There are no endemics in Gabon.

Near endemic species (found in 3 or less African countries)

African River Martin Pseudochelidon eurystomina
Pale-olive Greenbul Phyllastrephus fulviventris
Dja River Warbler Bradypterus grandis
Bubbling Cisticola Cisticola bulliens
Verreaux's Batis Batis minima
Black-chinned Weaver Ploceus nigrimentus
Loango Weaver Ploceus subpersonatus

Threatened species

Cape Gannet

Sula capensis

Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni Vulnerable
Grey-necked Picathartes Picathartes oreas Vulnerable
Loango Weaver Ploceus subpersonatus Vulnerable

The lists of endemic, near endemic and threatened species have been compiled from a number of sources including the African Bird Club, BirdLife International, and Birds of the World Version 2.0 ® 1994-1996, Dr. Charles Sibley and Thayer Birding Software, Ltd. For further information on Gabon’s threatened species, see BirdLife International.

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