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Djibouti, travel by camel

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Abdi Jama

Birding tours

Birding AfricaBirdquest and Rockjumper organise bird tours to Djibouti.


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Trip reports

Hugh Buck of Buckbirds sent us this trip report in 2010 of one of the first trips in recent years to explore Djibouti and Somalia. A number of unusual and rarely seen endemic and near endemic species were found on this tour.


All international flights arrive at Ambouli International Airport on the outskirts of Djibouti city. For efficient travel a 4 wheel-drive is essential but daily hire rates are extortionately high as is the general cost of living, the majority of items being imported. A ferry runs regularly from Djibouti city to Tadjoura; in the past it also ran to Obock but the current position is unknown. This is cheap and provides an opportunity for seawatching en route. Bush taxis operate from Tadjoura to Randa and the Forêt du Day and are reasonably priced (haggling necessary) but very basic.


During the civil war in the early 1990s, the majority of the north of the country was off-limits to all foreigners. The Forêt du Day is now accessible again though there are periodic reports of mines being found along the road. Areas south of the Gulf of Tadjoura may be safer but it is essential to seek up to date information before a field trip from sources such as US Travel and UK FCO

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