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Birding tours

Birdquest organise birding tours to Comoros.


The Mohéli Marine Park has its own ecoguides. In Moroni there are guides that are helpful for climbing Mount Karthala.

Furher information was received from a correspondent in 2015: "May I suggest to mention the name of Omar Toiouil Hassani. He not only organized my trip but was also my guide on Grand Comore. He knows the places to go to and the birds very well and this including the sounds. Both Phil Gregory and co. in 2014 as well as Markus Lagerqvist in 2012 made use of his services. For independent birders he is the person to contact in my opinion (he speaks both English and French) and below are his contact details:

Omar Toiouil HASSANI  Managing Director:   +269 333 3829  Tel/fax: + 269 777 07 65 P.O.Box 20 Mbeni, Comoros Email: [email protected] Comores Tour & Safari"

Trip report

You can download an excellent trip report sent by Phil Gregory of Sicklebill Safaris in December 2014. All the main islands of the Comoros were visited and all the endemic species were seen. There are details of transport, hotels and other items of value for the visitor.

You can download an even more comprehensive trip report by Markus Lagerqvist which covers the birds, travel and the main sites. 

In Search of the Badanga (Comoro Scops Owl) - by Alan Lewis, from Bulletin of the African Bird Club, volume 3(2), September 1996. "In November 1995, I was lucky enough to visit the Comoros - a little visited group of islands lying in the Indian Ocean midway between the African mainland and Madagascar. The archipelago supports about 20 currently accepted endemics, but with a total avian endemic taxa list of about 54."


Independent birders can fly into Moroni from Nairobi and Seychelles and into Pamandzi, Mayotte from Réunion. There are now flights from Réunion to Grand Comoro with Air Bourbon. There are also flights from Europe. The political situation means that Mayotte is difficult to use as a jumping-off point to the other islands. Hopping from island to island can be done by plane. All four islands are connected by a network of shipping routes, and catching boats and ferries is usually the cheapest method of getting from island to island.

October to December are the best months to visit - before the rains set in in earnest, but when bird activity is reasonably high. There are adequate hotels and the possibility of taxi hire on all the islands. Travel to the archipelago is quite expensive and tourist infrastructure in the UDC is limited.

A correspondent has sent the following details in 2015: I can confirm that Kenya Airways flies to both Moroni and Mayotte. In my opinion, island hopping is best done by plane (quite inexpensive (50 euros one-way)) among the Comoros islands but more expensive from either Anjouan (150 euros) or Grand Comore (300 euros) to Mayotte. The boats are indeed less expensive (30 euros one-way) but take much longer although they may have the advantage of spotting some pelagic species."


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