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Temporary lagoon at Ribeira da Madama, Sal Island, Cape Verde

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Rubén Barone Tosco

Birding tours

Birdfinders, Birdquest and Rockjumper organise tours to the Cape Verde Islands.


There are no birding guides known in the Cape Verde Islands.

Trip reports

The following are quotes from birders who have visited Cape Verde.

"The Birds of the Cape Verde Islands by Cornelis J. Hazevoet is an essential reference and the excellent A Birder’s Guide to the Cape Verde Islands by Dave Sargeant is an absolute must for anyone birding in these islands."

"For site references I used A Birder’s Guide to the Cape Verde Islands by Dave Sargeant, 1997. It is in ring bound photocopy format, 40 pages, with hand-drawn maps. It lists 156 species which includes 69 vagrants and 14 endemics."

The following is a quote from Lonely Planet. "A Birders Guide to the Cape Verde Islands, edited by Dave Sargeant, is a comprehensive guide to all creatures winged and wonderful in the archipelago. But if that's not enough for you, get Cornelis J Hazevoet's Birds of Cape Verde Islands."


Flying is the only realistic option for getting to and from Cape Verde. There are infrequent sea services, but they'll probably end up costing as much as a plane ticket. There are regular flights from Lisbon and less frequent flights from other European centres.

There's a network of expensive internal flights between the islands; between Praia, Mindelo and Sal there are flights at least once daily.

Travel on the islands is by bus or truck. Taxis are generally very expensive and there aren't many of them. You can rent cars on São Tiago, Fogo, São Vicente and Sal. You'll need an international driver's licence; driving is on the right.

Currently a visa is needed to visit the Cape Verde Islands and this can be obtained easily from your nearest Cape Verde consulate. In the UK this would mean contacting the consulate in either Holland or France as there is not a consulate in England. For visitors from Europe it is not necessary to have any inoculations and there is no malaria in the country


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