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33 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) have been identified in Cameroon covering 42,056 km2 or 8.8% of the surface area of the country. Cameroon is divided between 4 biomes: the Sahel biome in the extreme north of the country; the remaining northern parts of the country fall within the Sudan-Guinea Savanna biome; all lowland forests form part of the Guinea-Congo Forests biome; and Mount Cameroon and the western highlands form part of the Afro-tropical Highlands biome.

Parts of two Endemic Bird Areas occur in Cameroon: The Cameroon and Gabon lowlands EBA, with 14 IBAs in which five of the six relevant restricted range species in Cameroon occur. The Cameroon Mountains EBA encompasses 16 IBAs, containing all 27 restricted range species that are found nationally.

The following IBAs are in the far north and are largely in the Sahel biome: Kalamaloué National Park; Logone flood-plain; Waza National Park; and Lake Maga.

The following IBAs are in the north and largely in the Sudan-Guinea Savanna biome: Mayo-Louti Forest Reserve; Gashiga-Demsa; Bénoué National Park; Faro National Park; Tchabal Mbabo; and Ngaoundaba Ranch.

The following IBAs form a large group mostly in the south-west of the country: Njinsing-Tabenken; Mount Oku; Mbi Crater Faunal Reserve - Mbingo Forest; Mount Mbam; Mbam Djerem National Park; Bali-Ngemba Forest Reserve; Banyang Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary; Santchou Faunal Reserve; Korup National Park; Mont Bana; Mont Manengouba; Bakossi Mountains; Mont Nlonako; Mount Rata and Rumpi Hills Forest Reserve; Mount Kupé; Yabassi; and Mount Cameroon and Mokoko-Onge. These form part of both the Guinea-Congo Forests biome and the Afro-tropical Highlands biome.

The remaining IBAs are in the southern part of the country: Mbam-Minkom Kala; Dja Faunal Reserve; Boumba-Bek; Campo Ma'an complex; Nki; and Lobéké National Park.

For further details, download the country IBAs from BirdLife International.

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