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Fenais da Luz, north coast, São Miguel, Azores

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Augusto Faustino

Birding Tours

Birdquest organise tours to the Azores.


We are not aware of any bird guides on the Azores but the SPEA (Portuguese society for the study of birds) have a local office on Nordeste, São Miguel. They are there for reseach purposes but may be able to help with directions. Their contact details are as follows:

SPEA - Projecto LIFE Priolo; Apartado 14; 9630 NORDESTE.
Telefone / Fax: (00351) 296 488455
Cell Phone: (00351) 912737243
Mail: [email protected]


All islands have airports but most international connections arrive at São Miguel, Terceira and Santa Maria. The Azores are approximately 2 hours flying time from Lisbon, Portugal and there are flights throughout the year. There are also direct flights from the UK between April and October and flights to the US, Canada and Madeira.

Inter-island flights can be purchased at the same time as an international flight and this may prove to be a cheaper option as discounts are available for international travellers.

The roads are good and sometimes very good but winding. The visa requirements are the same as for Portugal and no major vaccinations are required as for Portugal although you should check with your local doctor before travel. The local currency is the Euro.


See the following 2 websites or your own embassy website for safety and travel information: and UK FCO.

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