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Checklist and status

You can download and print a checklist for Azores.

This shows the fascinating status distribution of the 296 species on the list as breeding species (38), vagrants (254), escapes (3) and unknown (1).

Endemic species

The Azores or São Miguel Bullfinch Pyrrhula (pyrrhula) murina which has the local name of Priôlo is a very distinct form of Eurasian Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula which has only ever been known to occur at the east end of the island of São Miguel.

Godman, who discovered it, described it as one of the characteristic birds of mountainous areas on the island. The present population of some 120 pairs is confined to the largest fragments of native Macaronesian Laurel Forests. At the end of the last century it had a wider range and was regarded as a pest in orange orchards, being easily taken for museum collections.

See the full feature article in ABC Bulletin 7.1 and at Azores Bullfinch

Near endemic species (found in 3 or less countries)

Berthelot’s Pipit Anthus berthelotii
Island Canary Serinus canaria

These species are also found on the Canary Islands and Madeira.

Threatened species

Azores Bullfinch Pyrrhula (pyrrhula) murina Critical

For further information, see BirdLife International Azores Bullfinch

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