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Levaillant's Woodpecker adult male

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Karim Haddad

Birding tours

Association Environnementale AquaCirta, Constantine/Algeria Tel.: +213 657 016 272, email: [email protected] The birders are always comfortable and welcome because they can always choose their trip requested with different species needed to see.

Trip reports

A wildlife survey of the Ahaggar Mountains was carried out in March 2005. The survey concentrated on mammal sightings but bird observations are documented also. There is useful information regarding the logisitcs of travel in Algeria. This extensive report (6mb) can be downloaded here *.


Karim Haddad had already helped in 2018 more than fifty birders across the country. Tel.: +213 550 577 118 email: [email protected]


Algiers-Houari Boumediéne, Constantine-Mohamed Boudiaf and Oran-Ahmed Ben Bella, are the main airports for international flights. Air Algérie, the national airline, flies to a range of destinations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America, but there are no direct flights between Algeria and South America or Australia. Crossing by ferry from France is also a popular option. Algeria has a well-developed internal transport network with buses, trains, taxis and a few domestic air links.

For Information about travel in Algeria, contact your ABC representative.


It is worth consulting your national foreign office websites such as US Travel and UK FCO for the latest safety and travel information before travelling. It is vital that you do not under-estimate the danger of being in the sun too long and it is worth using a sun-block and wearing a hat. You should also drink plenty of water, certainly a few litres a day. 

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