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ROB – Hockey, P.A.R., Dean W.R.J. & Ryan P.G. 2005. Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa. 7th Edition. John Voelcker Bird Book Fund.

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Roberts VII is now incorporated fully whereas, for previous versions of this ABC list, I only had sight of their species list available on the web. In several cases the book notes a total number of races they accept for Africa (or the world) which is different from the number noted here. As the book usually only notes specifically those which occur in southern Africa (although sometimes there is some more explanation of those occurring outside of this area) it is not always clear which others in the list are accepted or not. Hence there are some notes such as 'ROB only has 5 races in Africa' whereas the ABC list has 4 or 6 (or other numbers) and I am not sure which ones are included. Lists Scientific, English (and Afrikaans) names. Covers all of southern Africa: Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique south of the Zambezi River and all to the south.

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