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ABC Bulletin feature articles

The following are a selection of some of the superb feature articles which have been published in the Bulletins of the African Bird Club.
Title Volume Reference
Spike-heeled Lark rediscovered in Katanga, DR Congo vol 24.1 pp 80-84
Does Yellow-vented Eremomela occur sympatrically with Yellow-bellied Eremomela in Tanzania? vol 24.1 pp 76-79
Fifth report of the Seychelles Bird Records Committee vol 24.1 pp 63-75
Mangrove Reed Warbler at the Red Sea in Egypt vol 24.1 pp 49-62
Bird observations along the Noumbi River, Conkouati-Douli NP, Congo Brazzaville vol 24.1 pp 38-48
Steppe Whimbrels at Maputo, Mozambique, with a review of the status of the taxon vol 24.1 pp 26-37
First record of Eurasian Golden Oriole for São Tomé Island, São Tomé and Príncipe vol 23.2 pp 229-230
First record of Knob-billed Duck for St. Helena, South Atlantic vol 23.2 pp 227-228
First record of Laughing Dove for the Cape Verde Islands vol 23.2 pp 225-226
Spectacled Warbler, a probable new breeding bird on Sal, Cape Verde Islands vol 23.2 pp 223-224
Snowy Egret in Cape Town, South Africa—second record for continental Africa vol 23.2 pp 219-222
First records of Chestnut Sparrow Passer eminibey for Chad vol 23.2 pp 217-218
First record of Eyebrowed Thrush for Senegal and sub-Saharan Africa vol 23.2 pp 215-216
Status of Black Stork Ciconia nigra in Lesotho vol 23.2 pp 212-214
African Openbill breeding in Benin—the only colony known at present in West Africa vol 23.2 pp 210-211
Bird observations around Huye (Butare), southern Rwanda vol 23.2 pp 199-209
Use of sewage ponds by birds in Khartoum State, Sudan, and their influence on bird distribution in the region vol 23.2 pp 185-198
Kungwe Apalis Apalis [rufogularis] argentea: a summary vol 23.2 pp 176-184
A productive birding transect from highland Zimbabwe to coastal Mozambique. vol 19.1 pp 83-93
Birding Rwanda - in search of Red-collared Babbler Kupeornis rufocinctus, Albertine Rift endemics and more vol 17.2 p 229-238


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