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ABC Bulletin feature articles

The following are a selection of some of the superb feature articles which have been published in the Bulletins of the African Bird Club.
Title Volume Reference
First records of Stilt Sandpiper and Sooty Tern for Cape Verde vol 25.1 pp 54-57
Notes on breeding activity, nesting habitat and sex ratio in the Liben Lark vol 25.1 pp 45-53
Biometrics, moult and vocalisations of Cinnamon and Northern Masked Weavers in Sudan vol 25.1 pp 31-44
First record of Bulwer's Petrel for Mozambique vol 24.2 221-224
First records of Eastern Paradise Whydah for Rwanda vol 24.2 pp 219-220
Another probable record of South Polar Skua in West Africa, the first from Togo vol 24.2 pp 217-218
Red-billed Queleas at sea off Senegal vol 24.2 pp 216
First records of Lesser Sand Plover for Katanga, DR Congo vol 24.2 pp 213-215
Bird records from Annobon, Equatorial Guinea, October 2016, including the first Squacco Heron vol 24.2 pp 209-212
Greater Honeyguide brood parasitism and presence of a developmental hook in the Rosy Bee-eater vol 24.2 pp 204- 208
Birds recorded off Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire, April-May 2013 and March-May 2014 vol 24.2 pp 192-203
Birds of Joao Vieira and Poilao Marine National Park, Bilagos, Guinea-Bissau vol 24.2 pp 182-191
Status of Rosy Bee-eater on the Niger River, north-central Nigeria vol 24.2 pp 171-181
Is the Cape Parrot a species or a subspecies, and does it matter to CITES? vol 24.2 pp 156-170
First record of Oriental Honey Buzzard for Djibouti and Africa, in 1987 vol 24.1 pp 96-97
First records of Little Green Bee-eater for Ghana vol 24.1 pp 94-95
First record of Greater Painted-snipe for Seychelles vol 24.1 pp 92-93
First confirmed record of Squacco Heron for São Tomé and Príncipe vol 24.1 pp 90-91
First record of Mountain Wagtail for Senegal vol 24.1 pp 88-89
First record of American Wigeon in The Gambia and associated records from Kartong Bird Observatory vol 24.1 pp 85-87


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