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ABC Bulletin feature articles

The following are a selection of some of the superb feature articles which have been published in the Bulletins of the African Bird Club.
Title Volume Reference
Photospot: First photographs of nests of Pemba Sunbird and Pemba White-eye vol 25.1 pp 82-87
Little-known Bird: Principe White-eye - a rare island endemic vol 25.1 pp 75-81
First record of Pectoral Sandpiper for Mozambique vol 25.1 pp 72-74
First record of African Grass Owl for Gabon vol 25.1 p 72
First breeding record of Ahanta Francolin for Nigeria vol 25.1 pp 70-71
Noteworthy avifaunal records from Eritrea, including two species new for the country vol 25.1 pp 65-69
Brief remarks on the status, distribution and taxon of Nubian Nightjar in Ethiopia vol 25.1 pp 62-64
Noteworthy records for Senegal, including the first Freckled Nightjar vol 25.1 pp 58-61
First records of Stilt Sandpiper and Sooty Tern for Cape Verde vol 25.1 pp 54-57
Notes on breeding activity, nesting habitat and sex ratio in the Liben Lark vol 25.1 pp 45-53
Biometrics, moult and vocalisations of Cinnamon and Northern Masked Weavers in Sudan vol 25.1 pp 31-44
First record of Bulwer's Petrel for Mozambique vol 24.2 221-224
First records of Eastern Paradise Whydah for Rwanda vol 24.2 pp 219-220
Another probable record of South Polar Skua in West Africa, the first from Togo vol 24.2 pp 217-218
Red-billed Queleas at sea off Senegal vol 24.2 pp 216
First records of Lesser Sand Plover for Katanga, DR Congo vol 24.2 pp 213-215
Bird records from Annobon, Equatorial Guinea, October 2016, including the first Squacco Heron vol 24.2 pp 209-212
Greater Honeyguide brood parasitism and presence of a developmental hook in the Rosy Bee-eater vol 24.2 pp 204- 208
Birds recorded off Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire, April-May 2013 and March-May 2014 vol 24.2 pp 192-203
Birds of Joao Vieira and Poilao Marine National Park, Bilagos, Guinea-Bissau vol 24.2 pp 182-191


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