Working for birds in Africa

Afrotropical Sylvia Warblers

p 110-121

The following text is reprinted (with minor edits for Bulletin style) from Sylvia Warblers by Hadoram Shirihai, Gabriel Gargallo and Andreas Helbig, illustrated by Alan Harris, and photographic editing by David Cottridge, with permission of the publishers, Christopher Helm, London. In the book, the product of over 15 years extensive museum and field research, the authors advocate the recognition of several new 'species' of Sylvia, based on a comprehensive review of morphology, vocalisations and DNA research of the genus. One of the most remarkable of their findings, though already suggested by previous genetic work, was that Parisoma, a genus near endemic to the African continent be subsumed within Sylvia. The extract that appears here includes the introduction to the Afrotropical Sylvia, the plates and photographs depicting the entire subgroup and the text dealing with Brown Sylvia Sylvia lugens (Brown Parisoma Parisoma lugens in Birds of Africa). A review of the work will appear in the next Bulletin.

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