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Avifauna of the Brachylaena woodlands in the Usambara lowlands, Tanzania

p 13-16

Although the avifauna of the East Usambara submontane and lowland forests is well-known, relatively few forest patches in this range have received significant ornithological attention. Furthermore, the botanically important Brachylaena woodlands in and north of the Bombo Valley have not been investigated ornithologically. Given that two Endemic Bird Areas, the Tanganyika-Nyasa mountain range and Kenya-Tanzania Coastal Forests, converge in the East Usambaras, the priorities for conserving the known and potential biodiversity of this area are a high priority. Consequently, the authors together with Rhamadan Nzira, Ajibu Peter, Ernesti Tarimo set out to evaluate the ornithological importance of these little-known or unexplored forest patches. We investigated four lowland sites in August-October 1996: Mgambo Proposed Forest Reserve (hereafter PFR), Bombo East I & II PFR and Bombo West Forest Reserve (hereafter FR). Our prime objectives were to document the avifauna and search for globally threatened birds.

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