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Golden Eagles Aquila chrysaetos in Ethiopia

p 106-109

The recent reference to Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos in Ethiopia (Bull. ABC 2: 61-64) is overdue acknowledgement of the species' presence in north-east Africa, for there have been references to sightings of the species in Ethiopia since the early years of the present century. The earliest published reference is Reichenow, who considered that the species might be a winter visitor but gave no details or locations. Zedlitz reported a sighting at Ela Bered (now Eritrea) in February 1908. The next records were 80 years later, in 1988, when it was included in a checklist of Ethiopian birds by F. Petretti. In view of these records lacking substantative details, and that those in the early years of the 20th century may be based on hearsay, they are probably now best regarded as unproven.

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