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White-fronted Black Chat Myrmecocichla albifrons breeding in Ethiopia

p 129-130

The distribution of the White-fronted Black Chat in Ethiopia is confined to the western highlands and the Rift Valley, where it is an uncommon bird in short grass acacia savanna up to 2,000 m. The race albifrons occurs in the north and the race pachyrhyncha in the south. There are no breeding records. The type specimen was described from Tembien in Tigray Province in northern Ethiopia. The town of Abi Adi is the administrative centre of Tembien. In spring 1995 while carrying out research on the breeding biology of the Brown-tailed Rock-chat Cercomela scotocerca near the town, I also found the White-fronted Black Chat to be a common bird. Lieuwe J. Dijksen

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