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A comment on the voice and status of Vermiculated Fishing-Owl Scotopelia bouvieri and a correction to Dowsett-Lemaire (1992) on the Maned Owl Jubula lettii

p 134-135

In 1992 I published a paper on the voice of an owl which I had identified as the Maned Owl Jubula lettii for reasons explained below. It appears (thanks to D. Sargeant in litt to C. Chappuis, November 1993) that it was misidentified and the species concerned was, in fact, the Vermiculated Fishing-Owl Scotopelia bouvieri. A paper recently published by Atkinson et al reviewing knowledge on the voice of all three African fishing-owls including bouvieri, confirms this and prompts me to write a correction to my earlier paper. F. Dowsett-Lemaire

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