Working for birds in Africa

The first report of the Seychelles Bird Records Committee

p 45-50

The Seychelles Bird Records Committee was formed in 1992. Its first task was to draw up two lists of the birds of Seychelles: one list for species considered to be resident, annual breeding visitors and annual migrants for which records were not required, and one list for species of less than annual occurrence for which records should be submitted. Notices were then posted in the world's leading bird journals and magazines appealing for past records, and advertising the availability of lists to interested parties. The original list of species of less than annual occurrence had been based on collected published and unpublished information. However, critical examination of some records (including some published records) led to their rejection, while new records of species never previously reported from Seychelles were received and accepted by the Committee. Since this original list made no attempt to indicate the relative scarcity of each species, it is now considered to be of little value. Adrian Skerrett

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